A Barna report produced in partnership with the Association for Biblical Higher Education

How Bible Colleges Can Prepare for the Church‘s Future

Tens of thousands of Christian students make decisions about college each year. What priorities and preferences inform their choices? What do they expect from their education? What factors cause them to include or exclude Christian institutions from consideration?

This 48-page monograph is the product of an extensive 18-month research effort commissioned by ABHE in partnership with the Barna Group. It summarizes meticulously planned and skillfully executed research, including analysis from telephone interviews, surveys, and discussions with thousands of students, parents, church and institutional leaders.

We hope this monograph will not only map the shifting college choice landscape but also provide a compass to help all stakeholders in Christian higher education more effectively navigate this complex market terrain. The report documents challenges relative to prospective student messaging and marketing of which you are no doubt aware.

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