A Compelling Mission

 Advancing biblical higher education for Kingdom impact


ABHE is unapologetically driven to serve Christ and the Church through the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Member institutions engage students in transformational, experiential, and missional education that is grounded in the truth of God’s Word. The end goal of biblical higher education is to go and make disciples.




A Warm Invitation

As God may stir your heart for what Christ is doing through biblical higher education across North America, we warmly invite you to consider ABHE as part of your stewardship vision. Invest in the next generation of spiritual leaders through the initiatives and training events offered by ABHE. Without steward partners we cannot do this. But together and by God’s grace, our movement of over 150 institutions is more than able to serve our 63,000+ students with spiritual vibrancy and academic excellence. Every donation will be carefully invested in the forward momentum of the Association, to cultivate institutional flourishing that produces missional graduates.


3 Pillars Campaign

This 3-year campaign was launched in 2019 to raise $780,000, funding the most expansive array of leadership development initiatives in the history of ABHE. The total of gifts and pledges as of May 2022 is $813,785 with gifts to date of $716,285.

The campaign impact includes:

  • Board Governance Training & Certification – In partnership with the MJ Murdock Charitable Trust, this program has provided professional training/coaching for 29 institutions across the last three years in essential principles for excellence in board governance.
  • Executive Leadership Development & Certification – This six-track program was launched to provide professional leadership development and certification for the top six chief officers of an institution. It includes over 36 workshop presentations delivered through four events over two years in each training program.
  • Weber Center Zoom Room Conversion – Equipped our conference center for virtual engagement in leadership develop conferences & meetings. Over 1,200 leaders have participated in training events over the last three years.
  • Bible Knowledge Exam Project funded by Hobby Lobby, revised and expanded the ABHE Bible Exam as a premier tool for Bible knowledge assessment, now available for all ABHE institutions as a part of their membership benefits.


Thank you to all who have been part of this landmark 3 Pillars Campaign to propel ABHE forward with institutional flourishing for Kingdom impact.

2022 Leadership Offering

A legacy that has Kingdom impact

This annual offering for leadership and strategic development is the primary resource for funding vital initiatives such as ABHE’s Strategic Plan unveiled at the 2022 Annual Meeting and 8 new professional 15-minute videos for board governance training to be made available to all institutions in September 2022.

This 2022 LD Offering has reached almost $90,000 in gifts and pledges with gifts to date of $61,498.

We are deeply grateful for the partnership and contributions of many institutions and individuals who value the mission and vision of ABHE for flourishing institutions and missional graduates. Together we are stronger as we collectively seek the favor of God, obey His Word, and prepare a new generation of spiritual leaders for the cause of Christ.