ABHE Membership

Membership Overview

ABHE seeks actively to strengthen and enlarge its membership by forging an alliance that encompasses any carefully vetted North American postsecondary institution—accredited by ABHE’s Commission on Accreditation or any other USDE/CHEA-recognized accreditor—that shares our association’s purpose, biblical convictions, educational philosophy, and core values.

ABHE membership is extended to:

Institutions upon whom ABHE’s Commission on Accreditation has acted to confer Accredited or Candidate (pre-accredited) Status. [Note: COA Applicant status is a non-member classification granted to qualifying institutions that, having met the Commission’s Conditions of Eligibility, are actively pursuing accreditation.]

Institutions accredited by another US Department of Education (USDE) or Council for Higher Education Accreditation- (CHEA) recognized accreditor whose institutional mission and biblical convictions are aligned with those of ABHE. Membership in this category is granted on the basis of a membership committee’s verification of the institution’s missional alignment and its affirmation of the Association’s Tenets of Faith and accompanying biblical social and ethical commitments.



ABHE is the quality and credibility resource partner that connects efforts among Christian postsecondary educational institutions and with others invested in serious Bible learning that shapes a life of godly influence and service to the most effective means for maturing, thriving, and sustaining. (excerpted from ABHE Constitution, Article II)





We are committed to education that is legitimately postsecondary and academically rigorous, challenging students to develop critical thinking skills and leading them in the formation of a biblically grounded Christian worldview, seeking to foster growth and flourishing that emphasizes Bible engagement and spiritual development in community to help students to answer God’s call to live life on mission with Him.

While our members’ curricular offerings may vary substantially in circumference, our educational philosophy revolves around a common center.  We aspire to deliver education that helps students:

LOOK IN — taking a deep discovery dive into the Bible’s meaning and message
LOCK IN — to a life-giving and life-transforming relationship with God
LEAN IN — to a life of destiny, a life on mission with the God who is determined to make all things new through Christ



  • Spiritual Engagement – We will fulfill our mission as a spiritual enterprise, led and empowered by the Holy Spirit, united in Christ, faithful in biblical truth and prayer.
  • Uncompromising Integrity – We will be honest and transparent in all personal and organizational relationships through word, attitude and action.
  • Stakeholder Value – We will persistently deliver added value for stakeholders through services, resources, communications, and partnerships.
  • Professional Excellence – We will pursue and promote the highest quality in our educational standards, organizational processes, services, events, communications and relationships.
  • Innovation Bias – We will consistently honor initiative and foster creativity.
  • Team Synergy – We will partner with colleagues in high mutual respect, reflexive cooperation, personal industry, and collective effectiveness.



Initial: 5 years | Renewal: 10 years



Association Dues:  Effective 9/1/2020 – Based on an institution’s unduplicated annualized headcount @ $12.50 per student; minimum – $3,000 and maximum – $10,000. (Invoiced in September).

CRITERIADocumented institutional affirmation of:

  • Accredited by ABHE’s Commission on Accreditation or any other USDE/CHEA-recognized accreditor
  • Tenets of Faith
  • Position Statement on Religious Freedom & Human Sexuality
  • ABHE Purpose/Brand Identity (Constitution, Article II)
  • ABHE member endorsement
  • Membership Committee affirmation



ABHE Extends . . . 

  • Enriched networking with leaders of like-minded Christian postsecondary institutions
  • Amplification of your voice with others on behalf of biblically orthodox, Christ-centered higher education
  • Solidarity and identification with biblically grounded institutions for cultural impact
  • Strategic leadership development and synergy to enhance institutional flourishing
  • Voting membership in ABHE’s Presidential Congress
  • Eligibility for service on ABHE Board of Directors
  • Subscriptions to:
    • Presidential briefings
    • C-suite communications
    • Blogs on strategic issues by higher education leaders
  • Access to all events & resources at member prices
    • Annual Meeting
    • Board Governance training and certification program
    • Leadership development events & certification programs
    • ABHE Job Board (Complimentary)
    • ABHE Knowledge Center (Complimentary)
    • ABHE Bible Knowledge Exam (Complimentary)

You help . . .

  • Enrich and strengthen the capacity of our biblical higher education community for Kingdom impact
  • Amplify the visibility, voice and influence of our movement for accomplishing the Great Commission
  • Enhance and elevate our brand promise equity for organizational and institutional mission fulfillment
  • Bring greater glory and renown to God through the combined ministry of biblical higher education

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