Frequently Asked Questions



Where will the Annual Meeting be held in Orlando?


The 2018 Annual Meeting will be held at the Rosen Plaza Hotel located on International Drive. For your GPS, the address is: 9700 International Drive, Orlando, Florida 32819. The Rosen Plaza Hotel is 15.9 miles from the Orlando International Airport, an approximate 20 minute drive.

What Does the General Registration Cover?

The Annual Meeting officially begins on Wednesday evening, February 21, with the Connections Dinner and ends on Friday evening after the Celebration Banquet.  The registration fee for members and non-members includes all general sessions, workshop breakouts, refreshments in the Exhibit Hall, Wednesday evening Connections Dinner and Friday evening Celebration Banquet.  It does not include Wednesday pre-convention workshops.  It does not include your hotel stay.  The same is true for AffiliateSpouse, Trustee and branch campus registrations.

Is there an Early Registration Discount?


YES! A $60 discount per person is available for General & Spouse Registrations received before January 19, 2018. Take advantage of those early bird discounts!


Are group discounts available?


YES! If you have more than two administrators attending the Annual Meeting from your institution, you qualify for a discount. The first two delegates will each be at the regular fee and each additional delegate will receive a $100 discount. This does not apply to spouse registrations. You must register under one registration to qualify for this discount – you will be prompted to add other registrants during the online registration process.

BRANCH CAMPUS – If you are a branch campus of an ABHE member institution, the first delegate will be at the regular fee and each additional delegate will receive a $100 discount.


Do all institutional trustees receive a complimentary general registration?


In principle, Yes! ABHE warmly welcomes and strongly encourages trustee participation in the Annual Meeting.   This courtesy registration is intended to provide trustees with exposure to the broader Bible college movement at our Annual Meeting. To qualify, there must be at least one attendee from the respective institution with a paid registration for the convention. This courtesy registration does not apply to any employee of our member institutions nor for an employee who serves as a trustee at another institution. The complimentary registration does not include fee-based pre-convention workshops or complimentary registration for a trustee’s spouse.


Who qualifies for the doctoral student registration?


This registration designation is complimentary for students who would not typically attend the ABHE Annual Meeting, but are engaged in doctoral studies and who would benefit by attending.  While the registration fee is complimentary and allows access to all plenary sessions and workshops (excluding fee-based workshops), we have included the celebration banquet and connection dinner meals for a $100 registration.  Recognizing that a number of our institutions’ staff & faculty members may pursue doctoral degrees from time to time, this initiative is not intended for institutional staff members who would typically come to Annual Meeting.  You may opt out of the meals by requesting an “opt-out” code.  Email your request to

What is your cancellation policy?


In the event of registration cancellation, fees paid in advance are refundable – less a $50.00 service charge per person, provided written notice is received by ABHE no later than three weeks prior to the event (January 31). No refunds will be granted after that date.  E-mail notification will suffice. Please e-mail to request a refund. There will be no refunds for no-shows.


How do I ADD or CANCEL a person on my registration?


You may log back into your registration form at any time with your confirmation number to make any changes; additions, cancellations, etc.

Do I need to choose workshops when I register online?

No. You can always log back into your registration form with your confirmation number and make your workshop selections. Workshop selections prior to arrival will greatly assist us with making appropriate room/seating arrangements. Pre-Convention Workshops are on a first-come, first-served basis and require an additional registration fee.

What meals are included in the general registration fee?

Refreshment Breaks in the Exhibit Hall, The Connections Dinner and Celebration Banquet are included in the General Registration fee for Members, Affiliates, Non-Members, Exhibitors, Trustees and spouses who register as a Spouse Delegate.

Can extra meal ticket(s) for a guest(s) not registered be purchased?

Yes!  Tickets for the Connections Dinner (Wednesday night) and Celebration Banquet (Friday night) are available for purchase for guests during the online registration process or on site at the Annual Meeting based on availability.

What is the commuter surcharge?

The Commuter Surcharge is a one-time (per person) fee for those who are NOT staying at the convention hotel. If you choose to not stay at the Rosen Plaza Hotel, you must pay this fee. This fee is in respect for the complimentary meeting space that ABHE receives based on the number of convention attendees and reflected in a commensurate number of sleeping rooms. Only those who live in the Orlando area and thus are commuting locally are exempt from this surcharge. Thank you for respecting this arrangement with our convention host hotel and our contractual obligations.

What is the weather like in Orlando in February?

So glad you asked! The average temperatures will range from a high of mid-70’s to a low of mid-50’s. Be sure to check out current weather conditions prior to the Annual Meeting at