ABHE Mission

ABHE Mission Statement

ABHE is the quality and credibility resource partner that connects efforts among Christian postsecondary educational institutions and with others invested in serious Bible learning that shapes a life of godly influence and service to the most effective means for maturing, thriving, and sustaining.

The Association seeks to fulfill its mission by:

Articulating biblical higher education’s distinctives and communicating the excellence and effectiveness of its members to internal and external stakeholders, including prospective students and parents, donors, students, alumni, faculty, the higher education community, the church, governmental and regulatory entities, and society.

Supporting the work of a separate and independent Commission on Accreditation (COA) to assure quality and integrity among biblical higher education institutions and programs through accreditation standards and peer review processes.

Providing professional resources and services that exemplify and stimulate excellence.

Serving as an amplifier and multiplier of member efforts and resources, seeking to foster growth and flourishing that emphasizes Bible engagement and spiritual development in community to help students to answer God’s call to live life on mission with Him.