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ABHE Mailing Address

5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Ste 130
Orlando, FL 32822


Voice: 407.207.0808 | FAX: 407.207.0840

Meet The Team

Ralph Enlow

Executive Vice President
David Medders

Chief Financial Officer
Matt Kelly

Director of Communication & Events
Carol Dibble

Association Bookkeeper
Kathy VanScoter

Office Assistant
Rhonda Cornell


Meet the Team

Accreditation Services

Director, Commission on Accreditation
Ron Kroll

Associate Director, Commission on Accreditation
M. Shane Wood

Accreditation Services Assistant/Commission Bookkeeper
Jane King

Accreditation Services Assistant
Kim Latsa


Executive Vice President
David Medders

Director of Communications & Events
Carol Dibble