Evaluation Visits

Evaluation Visits

USDE regulations require recognized accrediting bodies to make public the dates when an institution’s accreditation or preaccreditation (candidate) status is being reviewed in order to provide opportunity for third party comment.

Persons wishing to submit third-party comments regarding any of these institutions can contact the Commission Office by email, coa@abhe.org, phone (407)207-0808 or write to us at: 5850 TG Lee Blvd., Ste. 130, Orlando, FL 32822.

2020 Fall Evaluation Visit Schedule

Bridges Christian College (LA) – Candidate
October 6-8, 2020 

Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College (AB) – Reaffirmation
October 6-8, 2020

Indian Bible College (AZ) – Initial
October 20-22, 2020

Northpoint Bible College-Grand Rapids – Candidate
October 19-21, 2020

Saint Photios Orthodox Theological Seminary (CA) – Initial
September 22-24, 2020

The Institute for G.O.D. International (TN) – Candidate
October 14-16, 2020

Hayfield University (CA) – Focus
October 6-8, 2020

Selma University (AL) – Focus
October 20-21, 2020