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Serving on ABHE teams has been a highlight of my work in Biblical higher education. I consider it the best professional development I do! I’ve also made some great friends on teams, and it has been a joy to see how God’s Kingdom is advancing all across the Association!

Vice President for Academic Affairs , God’s Bible School & College (OH)

At Stark, I want to ensure the faculty and staff not only do their jobs, but also flourish in measurable personal & professional ways. The best way I know how to encourage faculty and staff’s personal enrichment, professional preparation, and kingdom collaboration (i.e., flourishing) is through site-team evaluator participation. The training makes the evaluator better equipped for his/her job, the experience of evaluating and meeting others fosters personal enrichment, and the kingdom of God excels because a sister institution gets better.

President, Stark College & Seminary (TX)



Peer EvaluatorsYOU can play a crucial role in assuring quality, integrity, and continuous improvement in ABHE institutions by joining the ABHE Peer Evaluator Network. Not only will you make a positive impact on biblical higher education, both you AND your institution will benefit from learning about best practices at other ABHE institutions and furthering your knowledge and expertise of accreditation processes.



The ABHE Commission on Accreditation seeks knowledgeable higher education professionals currently employed at ABHE-accredited institutions for the following evaluator roles: academic, administrative, resources, faculty and learning resources, and student enrollment and student development.



You are assigned an area of expertise and complete focused video training designed to help you identify institutional strengths and areas of needed improvement. You serve with other trained evaluators and an experienced Team Chair with support from a Commission Staff Representative who provides on-the-ground assistance to the Team.  UPDATE: Evaluator training will be online through the CAMPUS platform starting Spring 2023. 



Let us know you are interested in joining the ABHE Peer Evaluator Network by completing the Peer Evaluator Interest Form. We will get back to you with more information!