Executive Leadership Training & Certification

Growing Leaders for a Growing Movement

6 Areas of Executive Leadership Training


Presidential Executive Training & Certification

What do effective presidents need to know and what practices must be consistently performed for an enduring and distinguished legacy? This training will focus on executive skills, institutional oversight practices, board governance, and excellence in professional and personal development.


  • October 12-13 – Fall 2022 Conference
  • February 15-17 – Annual Meeting 2023

Academic Officers Executive Training & Certification

The chief academic officer (CAO) bears an unsurpassed responsibility for the flourishing and mission fulfillment of the institution.  Clarify your roles and responsibilities and sharpen the edge of your leadership through the engagement with distinguished academic leaders.


  • October 20-21 – Fall 2022 Conference
  • February 15-17 – Annual Meeting 2023

Advancement Officers Executive Training & Certification

Can anything match the challenge, the pressure, and the potential of resource development for institutions of biblical higher education? The greater the vision, the greater the need, and courageous fundraisers step into the gap to see dreams come true.


  • October 31 – November 1 – Fall 2022 Conference
  • February 15-17 – Annual Meeting 2023

Enrollment Officers Executive Training & Certification

Without an effective strategy for growing enrollment, an institution’s future is threatened, viability is questioned & mission fulfillment is fading. Learn how to develop an effective plan and execute the block and tackle functions that growing institutions consistently make happen.


  • October 3-4 – Fall 2022 Conference
  • February 15-17 – Annual Meeting 2023

Student Development Officers Executive Training & Certification

What are the gifts and graces, skills and competencies that mark a distinguished student development officer? Explore the diverse range of responsibilities and learn from veteran campus leaders how to create and nurture a thriving campus culture.


  • November 14-15 – Fall 2022 Conference
  • February 15-17 – Annual Meeting 2023

Chief Financial Officers Executive Training & Certification

Strong institutions are served by astute financial leaders who both accurately manage the financial operations of the organization and provide keen foresight for the financial planning of institutional leaders.


  • November 7-8 – Fall 2022 Conference
  • February 15-17 – Annual Meeting 2023

Certification Enrollment

  • $100

Executive Training and Certification Program


  • Program to be delivered over two years
  • May be entered into at any time
  • Total of 4 events to include 8 presentations during each 2-Day Conference/Annual Meeting
  • Total of 32 presentations plus other electives during Annual Meeting
  • 2-Day training in the Fall – 20 points
  • 2-Day Training During Annual Meeting – 20 points 
  • 1-Day Training During Annual Meeting Pre-Con Forum – 10 points 
  • Personal Assessment and Development Plan – 10 points 
  • Personal Engagement in Position for 3 years and supervisor evaluation – 10 points

Program Coordinators

David Medders
Executive Vice President



Carol Dibble
Director of Communications & Events