Students with Bible

Students who attend institutions of biblical higher education learn the Word of God. What a bold assertion. But how do we know that? That commitment and passion has given birth to this new ABHE Bible Knowledge Exam.


Measuring the Bible Knowledge of Your Students

In 2020, the new Bible Knowledge Exam was launched to help all ABHE institutions more effectively measure the growth in Bible knowledge among their students over their course of study. This is available as a complimentary membership benefit and is only available to ABHE member institutions.

Institutions typically administer the exam to an incoming class of students, then again each year of their studies to measure growth in their Bible knowledge, and finally as an exit exam to measure overall improvement.


Getting Started

The institutional administrator who will serve as the exam proctor should contact ABHE to get the institutional account set up. See FAQ’s below for detailed instructions.


Bible Knowledge Exam Helpdesk

Donna KnottekContact: Donna Knottek,, for assistance with exam administration, understanding test scores and norms, and suggestions for use of institutional scores for documentation of learning and institutional effectiveness goals.

Mrs. Knottek is the Director of Institutional Research and Assessment at Highlands College, one of our ABHE institutions. She is available to help with questions about test administration and results review.


Spanish Version Now Available

The Bible Exam is now available in a Spanish Version. When a student receives access to the exam, there is a toggle switch for choosing a language — English or Spanish, for the entire exam or per question.


Exam Development

During 2019-2020, over fifty Bible scholars across the Association and beyond contributed over 250 test questions that were beta-tested and refined to a final 125 items – a solid assessment tool to measure a student’s knowledge of the Bible and basic historic Christian theology. Test analytics will include performance for each section of Scripture along with topics of Bible study and theology – normed against the collective performance across the Association.

ABHE has established a partnership with Classic Learning Initiative who will provide the test administration from their CLT (Classic Learning Test) software platform.

This major initiative has been made possible by a generous grant from Hobby Lobby, expressing their commitment to the study of God’s Word.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're a member institution of ABHE. How do we set up our institutional account?

Submit who will be the School Admin by completing the contact form HERE.  An admin user account will be set up, and that person will receive next step instructions on how to log into the Bible Exam Portal, as well as how to access resources to administer the exam.

How long does the exam generally take a student to complete?
  • Time Limit: 90 minutes (NOTE: this is not enforced by the system; the Proctor is responsible to track time)
  • Number of Questions: 125
  • Type of Questions: All Multiple Choice (A-D)
  • Student Access: each student has a unique test link when registered (i.e., added to the cohort). Students do not log in at any point. There is no test password, so they can access and take the test once you send them the link.
  • Results: The student will view their test results immediately upon submission. Additionally, the student is sent an email to the email address provided during submission that contains a link back to their results so they can view them at any time.
  • Device(s): It is recommended to be taken using the latest Google Chrome browser on a laptop with a strong Internet connection. It should also work using any current/modern browser on any device; however the experience may not be optimal.
Can students save their answers and finish at a later time?


Can a designated faculty analyze a specific student's score and access which questions were missed?

The institution admin can add other “school admins” to access your institution’s information on the portal, and they can view all students’ test scores; however, you cannot view which questions were missed.  The admins will also be able to view the analytics that compare your school to ABHE member institutions across North America that have taken the exam.

Is the Bible Knowledge Exam available to institutions or organizations outside of ABHE?
Unfortunately, the Bible Knowledge Exam is currently only available to institutions who are members of ABHE. 
Can we access our data from the former ABHE Bible Exam?
Unfortunately no. This exam site has been permanently closed.