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NOTICE: Effective August 1, 2020 the old ABHE Bible Exam and website is no longer available.  Links to institutional account setup for members will be available on this site beginning August 10. Chief Academic Officers at ABHE member institutions have been sent instructions for setting up institutional accounts.  

Students who attend institutions of biblical higher education learn the Word of God. What a bold assertion. But how do we know that? That commitment and passion has given birth to this new ABHE Bible Knowledge Exam.

During 2019-2020, over fifty Bible scholars across the Association and beyond contributed over 250 test questions that were beta-tested and refined to a final 125 items – a solid assessment tool to measure a student’s knowledge of the Bible and basic historic Christian theology. Test analytics will include performance for each section of Scripture along with topics of Bible study and theology – normed against the collective performance across the Association.

ABHE has established a partnership with Classic Learning Initiative who will provide the test administration from their CLT (Classic Learning Test) software platform. The test is provided only to ABHE institutions and made available through registered institutional users.

Institutional test administrators will receive their individual and cohort test results with analytics describing performance for sections of Scripture along with Biblical topics.

This major initiative has been made possible by a generous grant from Hobby Lobby, expressing their commitment to the study of God’s Word. Now all members of ABHE may use this test as a complimentary benefit of their membership in the Association.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Bible Knowledge Exam available to institutions or organizations outside of ABHE?
Unfortunately, the Bible Knowledge Exam is currently only available to institutions who are members of ABHE. It will be sold by CLT to outside organizations at a later date.
We're a member institution of ABHE. How do we set up our institutional account?
Contact Carol Dibble:
Who can take the exam within an institution?
Authorized users who may proctor the exam are identified by the Primary Contact Person at your institution. This person was selected by the Chief Academic Officer.
What is the definition of an exam cohort?

The identification of an exam cohort is selected by the exam proctor from a drop down field on the exam. This will be linked to the institution for aggregate test results.

Can we access our data from the former ABHE Bible Exam?
Unfortunately no. This exam site has been permanently closed.
General questions?
Contact David Medders: