Annual Meeting Workshops


Annual Meeting Workshops


In addition to the 13 Pre-Convention Forums, there are 68 workshops offered during the regular Annual Meeting schedule on Thursday & Friday – all designed to sharpen your leadership skills and expand your leadership capacity. Consider the wide array of issues to be addressed and topics to be covered. These are all designed as part of the Executive Training Program for each of the six chief officer positions of an institution and those who would like to prepare for these roles of service in the future.


Look through these as you register for the Annual Meeting and choose the most relevant workshops for your professional growth and institutional responsibilities.  Admission to workshops will be first for those who sign up through registration. Let’s grow together for the glory of God.

Thursday & Friday 1-Hour Workshops:

Student Life – Transforming a Campus into a Community

Presenter: Bethany Thomas, Vice President of Student Development | Southeastern University

Location: Salon 1
Target Audience: Student Development Leaders

Overview: Students arrive on campus as individuals, maybe with a few friends. But the promise of a campus community is about relationships, one of the most treasured parts of a student’s journey. Creating a community is an art and hard work. But so rewarding as one by one, students connect and feel a part of something beyond themselves. How does this happen and what is the essential role of student life leaders who give this priceless gift to their campus community.

  • Tracking the normal student’s journey – from individual to community
  • Empowering the factors that build community – and unplugging ones that don’t
  • Enhancing campus communications – keeping everyone in the know
  • Responding to left-out students – no one left alone

Four Crucial Steps Toward a Vibrant Business Model

Presenter: David Wright, President Emeritus | Indiana Wesleyan University

Location: Salon 2
Target Audience: Presidents, Board Chairs, Financial Leaders

Overview: Many higher education analysts conclude that the industry is in a consolidation phase.  Some of the most well-attended sessions at recent professional conferences have been those discussing collaborations, partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions.  Higher education leaders are looking for effective ways to build robust and vibrant business models.  In this session we will explore four practical steps presidents and boards can use to build a strong business model that secures the institution’s future.

  • Analyzing and documenting the institution’s “prosperity gap.”
  • Using insights from this gap analysis to create a transformational “prosperity plan”.
  • Setting in motion a transformational implementation strategy with appropriate expertise, outcomes, timeline, and capital budget.
  • Monitoring, revising, and sustaining transformational change.

Crafting a Successful Presidential Search and Transition Plan

Presenter: David Gyertson, former president | Asbury, Regent and Taylor universities; ABHE Board Coach

Location: Salon 4
Target Audience: Trustees, Presidents

Overview: Presidential transitions are fraught with risks and dangers for even the strongest institutions. Wise boards plan well and learn from the experiences of others including the creation of well-crafted plans for their presidential search. Learn from a distinguished president and board consultant how you can manage this change process with grace and excellence.

  • Understanding the dynamics of presidential transitions – learning from others’ experience and research
  • Preparing for the inevitable beforehand – policies, decisions, pathway
  • Managing the transition process – by the board, for the candidate, campus, and constituencies
  • Creating a policy and protocol for the presidential search – essential principles and insights

Leading a Bible College as a Spiritual Enterprise

Presenter: Rodney Loper, President | God’s Bible School and College

Location: Salon 5
Target Audience: Presidents, Trustees, Academic Leaders

Overview: All ABHE institutions operate within the post-secondary education market. We are the academy, institutions of higher education. But both by origin and nature we are at our core a spiritual enterprise. We promise in student transformation what only God can do. We cultivate campuses that are known for their spiritual vitality where God is at work – regularly. When this fails, we can’t fulfill our mission and lose our distinctive. What does this mean for institutional leadership, especially for the president? How do you effectively lead an institution as a spiritual enterprise? What’s the difference in leadership focus, style and

  • Owning the DNA of a Bible college – a spiritual enterprise
  • Cultivating and encouraging spiritual hunger within the leadership team
  • Providing spiritually proactive leadership – serving as chief shepherd

A Framework and Process for Biblical Integration in Biblical Higher Education Curriculum

Presenter: James Spencer | Examen Consulting

Location: Salon 6
Target Audience: Academic Leaders

Overview: The question of how institutions can meet biblical outcomes has highlighted a simple reality: all ABHE schools need to consider how to handle biblical integration across the whole curricula, including biblical and theological studies. Consider frameworks and processes for rethinking curricula from a leader familiar with curricular revision, program development consulting, and the integration of biblical and theological studies with other disciplines.

  • Understanding and communicating what biblical integration means
  • Developing an institutional consensus about how academic disciples work together
  • Reconceptualizing the curriculum development process
  • Allowing purpose to guide your institution

Relational Spirituality in Coaching: Building a Secure Base to Help Students, Staff, and Faculty Flourish

Presenter: Todd Hall, Professor, Rosemead School of Psychology | Biola University; ABHE Senior Fellow; Harvard Human Flourishing Program

Location: Salon 7

Target Audience: Spiritual Formation Leaders, Leadership Development Faculty Leaders, Student Development Leaders

Overview: Social disconnection is on the rise. As a result, many students, staff and faculty feel disconnected, leading to unhealthy relational patterns, spiritual struggles, and ineffective ministry. How, then, do we help students cultivate authentic relational connection with God and others? Learn how to apply the Relational Spirituality model (Hall, 2021), including an attachment lens, to the roles of coaching and mentoring. Explore the importance of creating a secure base with students/clients and strategies for doing this using a tool called the comfort-challenge matrix. Discuss the core needs of each insecure attachment pattern and how they show up in clients’ narratives, stances toward themselves, and ways of relating to the issues they bring to coaching conversations. Consider several coaching strategies for each attachment pattern and the importance of coaches and mentors developing their own internal secure base.

  • The impact of the connection crisis on our spirituality
  • A research-backed model for spiritual growth through relationship
  • How to identify your attachment tendencies to accelerate your personal and spiritual development
  • How to use the Attachment Filter Matrix to customize interventions to your clients’ unique needs
  • A scientifically backed tool – the Comfort-Challenge Matrix – to help others unleash their potential

Helping Prospective Students Make Wise Choices – Recruiting Mission-Fit Students

Presenter: Kevin Bish, Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services | Asbury Theological Seminary

Location: Salon 8
Target Audience: Enrollment Leaders

Overview: The legacy of every great enrollment leader is the train of successful graduates that began their journey making a wise decision with the help of their enrollment counselor. It’s the heart of what we do and we know in our heart when we’ve done our job well. We know if the prospective student is a good mission fit and a student makes the right choice. It’s hard work, but the results have lasting Kingdom impact. So, how does a good admissions leader develop this art with grace, wisdom and efficiency? Learn from a distinguished veteran who’s helped hundreds of students choose well . . . and celebrates their unfolding journey.

  • Perfecting the admissions art of facilitating decisions – wisely
  • Learning how to gracefully measure mission fit – good decisions for the right reasons
  • Developing good disciplines – efficiently helping more students without wasting time

Creating a Memorable Welcome Week

Presenter: Laurie Kagay, Vice President for Enrollment | Institute for G.O.D

Location: Salon 9
Target Audience: Enrollment Leaders, Student Development Leaders

Overview: The culmination of the work by every admissions team comes into sharp focus during the first week of new students’ arrival on campus. It’s where the rubber meets the road, and new students feel a part of your campus community – or not! Welcome Weeks deserves careful planning, spirit-led creativity, and a commitment to hospitality with excellence. Think through what this could look like on your campus with a natural leader who produces an incredible Welcome Week for their new students and campus.

  • Recognizing unique aspects of Gen Z entering college
  • Exploring the benefits of an extended social experience before academics begin
  • Listening to students and improving every year
  • Making the most of your team’s natural gifts
  • Why you don’t need a huge budget to make it happen

You Have Not Because You Ask Not – Making An Effective Donor Ask

Presenter: Terry Munday, Retired VP of University Advancement | Indiana Wesleyan University

Location: Salon 10
Target Audience: Presidents, Advancement Leaders, Major Gift Officers

Overview: The single greatest reason people don’t give is because they are not asked. But there are simple reasons why some who ask always get a better response than others. Think through the art of asking with a gifted and veteran advancement leader and sharpen your stewardship gifts for greater Kingdom impact.

  • Laying the groundwork for an effective ask – the right time, place, purpose, and amount
  • Knowing the donor’s giving history and capacity – research matters
  • Ingredients for a successful ask, including amount to ask for
  • Asking that is respectful and resourceful – reaping results

CANCELLED – Setting the Touch Points for Effective Enrollment Decisions

Presenter: Steve Wolgemuth, former CEO | YDOP; Author, The Crucial 12, Powerful Insights for Marketing Leadership

Location: Salon 11

Introduction to WEAVE for Self-Study

Presenters: Michael Jackson, Associate Director | ABHE Commission on Accreditation

Terra Boston, Member Success Specialist | Weave

Location: Salon 12
Target Audience: Accreditation Liaisons, Academic Leaders

Overview: An institutional Self-Study is the heart of an institution’s accreditation compliance document and thanks to our partner, WEAVE, posting and processing all of the Self-Study and related documents is easier than ever. Learn how to make this platform work smoothly with document handling professionals. You’ll be so glad you did.

  • Reviewing the normal array of Self-Study documents – a bird’s eye view
  • Understanding how the WEAVE platform serves the posting and submission process
  • Taking the first steps and getting organized – practical tips from experts

Exploring the Proposed Accreditation Standards 1 – 3

Presenter: Lisa Beatty, Executive Director | ABHE Commission on Accreditation

Location: Salon 13
Target Audience: Accreditation Liaisons, Academic Leaders, Presidents

Overview: Explore the details and implications of the proposed Standards 1 – 3

  • Understanding the new Standards and related Essential Elements – what’s changed and what’s not
  • Reviewing implications for your assessment strategy
  • Documenting compliance with the new Standards – ideas that work

Team Evaluator Roundtable

Panelists: Shane Wood, Senior Associate Director | ABHE Commission on Accreditation; Tony Celelli, President | Stark College and Seminary; James Lanpher, Provost | Columbia International University; Aaron Profitt, Vice President for Academic Affairs | God’s Bible School and College

Location: Salon 14
Target Audience: COA Evaluation Team Members

Overview: There is both an art and science to effective accreditation team evaluations. Just as peer review is the genius of the accreditation process, this roundtable is how we learn from one another about how to better lead and serve as accreditation evaluators.

  • Aligning the expectations of team evaluators – setting the right standard
  • Understanding the flow of an exemplary evaluator engagement – timely responses
  • Reviewing the normal challenges of evaluation visits – and solutions

Telling Your Compelling Stories with Video – Without Breaking the Bank!

Presenter: Ryan Koral | Tell Studios

Location: Salon 15
Target Audience: Enrollment Leaders, Advancement Leaders, Marketing Leaders, Presidents

Overview: The stories across ABHE are about the difference God is making in the lives of our students. What a difference this makes in the whole trajectory of a student’s life. So what’s the most effective and efficient way to tell that story – surely well-crafted videos would rank at the top. Consider the possibilities for your institution – telling their stories through compelling videos.

  • Understanding the art of filmmaking for marketing – visually compelling
  • Knowing the practical price points for short videos – a reality check
  • Deploying filmmaking in your marketing – creative ideas

Protect Your Mission Essential HR Compliance Regulations

Presenter: Mark Griffin, CEO | In His Name HR

Location: Salon 16
Target Audience: HR Leaders, Financial Leaders, Academic Leaders

Overview: While direct HR management often falls to the director level, financial leaders bear ultimate responsibility for the compliance with essential HR regulations. Benchmarking these provides a safety net for the institution and reflects astute management of institutional HR issues. Survey the current landscape with an HR expert and refresh your perspective and HR benchmarks.

  • Knowing the essential HR compliance issue
  • Recent Supreme Court rulings and what they mean
  • Grasping the current compliance and audit landscape
  • Understanding your rights when mandated Diversity, Equity and Inclusion arises
  • Keeping your institution away from danger zones – avoiding typical blindspots

ABHE Bible Knowledge Exam Prospective Users – Tapping It’s Potential for Assessing Bible Learning 

Presenters: Noah Tyler, Chief Financial Officer, Eren Asena, Chief Statistician | Classic Learning Test/ABHE Bible Knowledge Exam; Donna Knottek, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment | Highlands College

Location: Salon 17
Target Audience: Assessment Leaders, Academic Leaders, Test Administrators 

Overview: For four years, ABHE has provided the completely revised Bible Knowledge Exam to all ABHE institutions as a member benefit. Thousands of tests have been administered across the Association. Review what the results are showing and consider how to use this assessment tool to help you measure learning outcomes. Specifically, consider how this can strengthen your assessment of Bible learning by your students and how this compares with international norms.

  • Understanding the purpose and structure of the exam – test architecture
  • Tracking achievement with test administration and cohort norms – useful analytics
  • Demonstrating learning outcomes with analytics – assessment proof

Compassionate Student Life – Caring for Under-Prepared Students

Presenters: Josh Manning, Dean of Men; Coreen Esplin, Dean of Women | Indian Bible College

Location: Salon 18
Target Audience: Student Life Leaders

Overview: When Christ saw the multitudes, that they were harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd, he could have been describing some of our students who arrive on campus with very special challenges and needs. Our calling is to respond like Christ who was filled with compassion. His Spirit can help us empathize and understand what will help these students become a valued part of the campus community and succeed. Think more deeply about these special challenges with two leaders who are serving their students with Christ-like and creative compassion.

  • Thinking through the special challenges of under-prepared students
  • Designing initiatives that meet their unique needs of belonging and success
  • Being aware of the normal student life activities that poorly serve them
  • Building relationships that add value and contribute to retention and success

Leading a Campus Toward Student Success

Presenters: George Bostanic, Vice President of Student Life and Daniel Ruarte, Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs | Life Pacific University

Location: Salon 1
Target Audience: Academic Leaders, Retention Leaders

Overview: Student success is a community experience and celebration. But key players must take the lead in pulling the entire campus toward this goal – helping every student succeed in their journey. Why not you? And what could this look like on your campus? Think through the process, your leadership role and the synergy between several key areas at your institution with a team who’s passionate about students finishing well.

  • Defining the goal of student success – from a student’s perspective
  • Conducting a student success audit – what are your current assets & liabilities
  • Becoming proactive – engaging the whole campus toward a common goal
  • Celebrating results – addressing challenges, resolving issues, finishing well

The CFO and #’s – Getting the Right #’s to the Right People at the Right Time

Presenter: Jan Haas, Senior Partner | CFO Colleague

Location: Salon 2
Target Audience: Financial Leaders

Overview: Without question – the CFO is the key numbers leader for an institution. It’s essential to what are the right numbers and what numbers should go to what people in a timely manner. Explore the art and science of numbers management with a distinguished expert and take your leadership to another level.

  • Knowing the right (and essential) numbers to know and get right
  • Understanding the importance of financial information distribution – the board, president, and team
  • Seeing why often time is of the essence – setting up systems that work

The Board and Strategic Planning – A High-Value Partnership

Presenter: Drumm McNaughton, CEO | The Change Leader

Location: Salon 4
Target Audience: Trustees, Presidents

Overview: As boards give the highest level of institutional oversight, their engagement in strategic planning is more than a nod or rubber stamp. But it’s also not engaging at an administrative level. So what is the right balance and how do wise board engage in strategic planning in partnership with the administration. Think through this important facet of board leadership with a distinguished consultant and get it right.

  • Strategic planning at the board level – a clear vision
  • Striking the right balance between the board and administration
  • Taking leadership while maintaining the partnership

Seven Essential Principles of Distinguished Presidential Leadership

Presenter: Peter Teague, President Emeritus | Lancaster Bible College

Location: Salon 5
Target Audience: Presidents

Overview: We all admit, dynamics of presidential leadership have shifted during the tumult of the pandemic and headwinds of culture. But the core principles remain, rock solid, and proven over time. Think through essential principles distilled from over twenty years of presidential leadership, principles that can serve as compass bearings for your presidential leadership, especially during turbulent times.

  • Confirming your foundation – seven principles that are lasting
  • Understanding how these work day to day – from ideas to habits
  • Securing your anchor during crisis – applying principles to the test

Bible Engagement Across ABHE – Insights & Implications

Presenters: Dwayne Ewers, Director of Academic Sales and Audrianna Cageao, Product Marketing Manager – Academics | Logos

Location: Salon 6
Target Audience: 
Academic Leaders, Presidents, Institutional Research, Faculty

Overview: This past year, in partnership with Logos, ABHE surveyed faculty and students to learn about their Bible engagement. Now it’s time to unpack the insights and consider the big What Now questions for how institutions can encourage and enhance campus engagement in the Word of God. Don’t miss this landmark survey findings report and explore practical insights for your campus.

  • Unpacking the Bible Engagement Survey Data
  • Considering the most valuable takeaways
  • Using technology to enhance engagement with the Word of God

Red & Yellow, Black & White: Seeking to Engage Biblical Discussions of Racial Reconciliation in the Classroom

Presenter: Ben Mathew, (Professor of Clinical Counseling) | Columbia International University

Location: Salon 7
Target Audience: Faculty Leaders, Academic Leaders

Overview: The Gospel is the joyous news that God is reconciliating the world to Himself through the redemptive work of Christ. But when the topic moves to ‘racial’ reconciliation, discussions often break down to issues like Black Lives Matter, CRT and Police Shootings that generate more heat than light. How do we as educators both understand the current cultural issues and theories, but also seek to help students engage God’s Word that enlightens both our worldview and points forward towards true racial reconciliation? Hear insights from a distinguished leader and professor as he charts a course for biblical higher education leaders.

  • Summarizing a biblical narrative of God’s promise for racial reconciliation
  • Analyzing current theories such as CRT and their implications for students in and outside of the classroom
  • Developing a plan for student engagement that integrates robust theological insight with cultural sensitivity

Selling Academic Programs In the Midst of Change & Innovation

Presenter: Darren Campbell, CEO/Founder; Eric Currie, Vice President for Enrollment Success | Campus

Location: Salon 8
Target Audience: Enrollment Leaders

Overview: We all know higher education is in an advanced state of flux. Despite that, we’re still under pressure to meet enrollment goals, selling academic programs that are being delivered in a growing array of modalities. Some days it just seems crazy! How is this shifting the landscape in enrollment leadership and what do the days ahead portend? Think forward with a leader in academic sales and be poised for what’s coming.

  • Grasping the disruption in academic sales through modality shifts
  • Weaving these disruptions into our enrollment strategy – without going out of business
  • Thinking creatively about what it takes to sell academic program in today’s market

Enrollment Management – The A-Z Checklist

Presenter: Nathan Alexander, Regional Vice President for Partner Relations | Clark Higher Ed

Location: Salon 9
Target Audience: Enrollment Leaders

Overview: What are the strategies and tactics that smaller institutions will need to consider as they prepare their marketing, recruitment, and outreach plans for the looming enrollment cliff? Consider each area with an expert enrollment leader – through the lens of the 26 letters of the alphabet

  • Grasping the fundamental strategies critical to success
  • Reviewing cliff data state by state
  • Exploring the strategy checklist – what are you missing?
  • Choosing the best strategies and tactics that will work for you

Cultivating Donors Through Effective Communications

Presenter: Dan Flatt, Enterprise Sales Manager/EFP Solutions | Blackbaud

Location: Salon 10
Target Audience: Advancement Leaders

Overview: Cultivating healthy relationships requires regular and effective communications. Doing this with many donors takes a system, a process . . . and the technology to drive it. Explore the potential of technology enhanced communications and keep your donor communications fresh and effective. Expand your network of relationships as you expand your communication skills and capacity.

  • Understanding the art and science of scaling communications – the power of a process
  • Tapping the power of technology – multiplication through systems
  • Putting it all together – getting started from where you are

Using Digital Media to Attract New Donors, Re-engage Lapsed Donors, and Upgrade Existing Donors

Presenter: Clark Vandeventer, Chief Fundraising Coach | Major Gifts Fundraiser

Location: Salon 11
Target Audience: Presidents, Advancement Leaders, Major Gifts Officers, Communications & Social Media

Overview: You need more donors. You need to figure out how to re-engage people who have not given to you in years. And you have people on your list who are capable of giving more who you have never been able to figure out how to get them to give that gift – or – you may not even know they have that capacity! This is about strategies for running “micro-campaigns” that bring in immediate gift revenue while developing deeper relationships.

  • Using social media and email sequences along with snail mail to tell a story
  • Involving key stakeholders and helping them share in your storytelling and success
  • An actionable plan that you can implement over 45-60 days

Self-Study Process

Presenters: Jena Dunn, Provost | Stark College and Seminary; Shane Wood, Senior Associate Director | ABHE Commission on Accreditation

Location: Salon 12
Target Audience: Academic Leaders, Accreditation Liaisons, Presidents

Overview: The self-study process is the keystone of institutional assessment, accreditation compliance documentation, and institutional improvement. The maturity of an institution and their leadership capacity is reflected in the quality of their self-study process, and it paves the way for continuous institutional improvement. Think through an exemplary process with professional leaders who are experts in the self-study process.

  • Reviewing the purpose and spirit of the self-study process – the right attitude
  • Exploring the best ways to collect documentation and supporting evidence, and write the narrative
  • Organizing for a smooth process – team engagement, schedule, and accountability

Exploring the Proposed Accreditation Standards 4 – 6

Presenter: Lisa Beatty, Executive Director | ABHE Commission on Accreditation

Location: Salon 13
Target Audience: Accreditation Liaisons, Academic Leaders, Presidents

Overview: Explore the details and implications of the proposed Standards 4 – 6

  • Understanding the new Standards and related Essential Elements – what’s changed and what’s not
  • Reviewing implications for your assessment strategy
  • Documenting compliance with the new Standards – ideas that work

Accreditation Liaison: What is My Role?

Presenters: Teddy Bitner, Provost | Calvary University

Location: Salon 14
Target Audience: Accreditation Liaisons, Academic Leaders

Overview: The accreditation liaison is the primary link between the ABHE Commission on Accreditation and your institution, serving as the conduit for all important accreditation information. Understand your role as accreditation liaison and explore best practices with a highly effective, veteran liaison.

  • Thinking through the role of accreditation liaison – the purpose
  • Knowing the expectations and your responsibilities – no surprises
  • Staying abreast of information and sharing appropriately with others in a timely manner

Mission-Driven Finance: Reinventing Nonprofit Sustainability in Biblical Higher Education

Presenter: John Staub, Director of Outreach | Remodel Health

Location: Salon 15
Target Audience: Financial Leaders,

Overview: In a world of tightened budget and increasing expectations, how can biblical higher ed institutions effectively manage finances without compromising their mission. Join with an expert in strategic analysis and change leadership to uncover a pathway to wise financial stewardship.

  • Making a mission-aligned program evaluation – redirecting resources towards what works
  • Redefining cost-analysis – respectfully discontinuing or revamping programs
  • Embedding fairness – ensuring objective protocols for program financial audits
  • Initiating strategies for wise resource allocation – empowering marketable programs

Alternative Healthcare Plans: Why the Best Healthcare Often Costs Less!

Presenter: Timothy Chafins, Director of Group Development | Christian Healthcare Ministries

Location: Salon 16
Target Audience: Financial Leaders, Operations Directors, HR Directors

Overview:  Healthcare remains a national problem that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Unfortunately, higher prices do not necessarily translate into better care. We will review a brief history of health insurance and learn why it is different from all other types of insurance. We will examine alternatives to traditional insurance plans. We’ll discuss the conundrum of promoting biblical morality while remaining dependent upon institutions that do not. Learn the pros and cons of embracing a biblical model of healthcare. Separating fact from fiction regarding sharing ministries

  • A brief history of healthcare insurance.
  • Paying more for healthcare does not translate into getting better care.
  • Evaluating your healthcare plan in the light of a biblical world view.
  • Separating fact from fiction regarding sharing ministries.

Preparing Graduates to Flourish in All of Areas of Life – Insights From Timely Research

Presenter: Tim Captain, Lead Researcher | Flourish San Diego

Location: Salon 17
Target Audience: Academic Leaders, Faculty

Overview: You likely know a pastoral leader (or multiple) who have hit rock bottom in one or more areas of their life, tragically inflicting harm to them, their family, and the church they were prepared to serve.  This workshop considers insights from research including how we can better measure and support multiple dimensions of pastoral wellbeing, potentially preventing such personal downfalls.

  • Investigating Spiritual, Psychological, Physical, Social, and Economic components
  • Measuring holistic wellbeing in ministry leaders
  • Moving from measuring wellbeing to supporting growth & resilience
  • Understanding factors that contribute to holistic flourishing

Donor-Driven Fundraising WITHOUT Development Staff

Presenters: John Curtis, David Sayers | IOD Inc

Location: Salon 18
Target Audience: Advancement Leaders, Presidents

Overview: Being Donor-Driven is not what you want FROM the donor but FOR the donor. Colleges need new sources of revenue but are often working without development staff. Learn an innovative, proven, and inexpensive system to involve the board and alumni in donor cultivation through “friend-raising.”

  • Engaging the Board and alumni in a campaign that breaks out of sales-driven techniques
  • Raising new dollars from new donors that is based on the needs of the donor – a step-by-step process
  • Cultivating donors into becoming life-long investors in your college’s mission – pressure free
  • Learning how to implement a successful campaign WITHOUT the labor cost of development staff

Understanding What’s New in Title IX Regulations

Presenter: Mark Griffin, Title IX Coordinator | Moody Bible Institute

Location: Salon 1
Target Audience: Student Development Leaders, Academic Leaders

Overview: The long-anticipated new Title IX regulations are unfolding and campus leaders are digging into the details to see what the impact will be. Review these with an experienced attorney and Title IX Coordinator from MBI and let’s walk forward together: ensuring campus safety, complying with the new regulations, and honoring our biblical values as Christian institutions of higher education.

  • Unpacking the new regs – what’s new and what’s unchanged
  • Understanding reporting requirements – getting it right
  • Training campus leaders for prudent handling of Title IX issues

Getting Ready for your Audit – Don’t Give Your Auditor Heartburn

Presenter: Dan Campbell, Partner | CapinCrouse

Location: Salon 2
Target Audience: Financial Leaders

Overview: Every accredited institution has a professional audit every year. It’s what we do to affirm our financial integrity. Getting ready is a crucial part of the process . . . but crucial details are often overlooked wasting time and creating tension. Walk through the preparation process with a distinguished professional auditor and enhance your preparation process. Get your team ready and make this a smooth and professional process.

  • Getting your financial documents ready – what the auditor expects
  • Avoiding normal snafus and omissions – meeting expectations
  • Seeing the process through – steps of every audit

Trustee Dashboards of KPI’s and Board Portals

Presenter: John Derry, President Emeritus | Hope International University, ABHE Board Coach

Location: Salon 4
Target Audience: Trustees, Presidents

Overview: To fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities and provide prudent leadership, trustees and presidents must have the necessary data to monitor their institution’s vitality in a timely manner. These Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) organized into an easily read dashboard is an essential art of board oversight and the foundation for prudent decisions. This includes the provision of a board portal where essential board information is posted and distributed to its members. Review your board KPI’s and board portal with a distinguished former president and board coach to make sure your board is seeing reality and leading well.

  • Reviewing the basics of trustee Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) – survey of samples
  • Balancing snapshot data (per semester or year) with trend data – the direction you’re heading
  • Understanding the right data in light of mission and your business model
  • Setting up a functional board portal – disseminating information effectively

Flourishing Institutions During Challenging Times

Presenter: Larry J. McKinney, CEO | McKinney Solutions, former president of Simpson University and Providence University College and Seminary, ABHE Executive Director

Location: Salon 5
Target Audience: Presidents, Academic Leaders, Trustees

Overview: Colleges and universities in North America are facing greater challenges than at any point in modern history, and institutions of biblical higher education are no exception. Enrollment, financial, leadership, and cultural challenges continue and were only exacerbated by COVID-19. Despite these challenges, there are ABHE institutions that are not only stable but flourishing. Consider insights from interviews with leaders from these institutions and factors that contribute to their flourishing.

  • Board and presidential leadership
  • Strengthened enrollment efforts
  • Financial health and sustainability
  • Flexible academic programming that serves the changing needs of the church and society

Clinical Pastoral Education from a Biblical Worldview

Presenters: Ray Huff, Education Director; James Kirkland, Executive Director | Christian Chaplains & Coaching

Location: Salon 6
Target Audience: Academic Leaders, Faculty Leaders

Overview: Modern chaplaincy has come under secular influences, becoming increasingly anti-Christian. For those who hold to a biblical Christian worldview, we understand that our mission is what Jesus says it is and not what the world says. Is it possible to teach quality Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) from an unapologetically Biblical worldview? Yes! Join this team of CPE ambassadors to explore how you can include this program in your curriculum and expand your Kingdom impact.

  • Reviewing the nature of clinical pastoral education – what is CPE?
  • Grasping the vital impact of CPE – the distinctives of CPE
  • Understanding the structure of CPE – how it works
  • Learning outcomes and teaching philosophy – effective assessment

Integrating AI in Biblical Higher Education

Presenter:  Ardis Kadiu, CEO | Element451

Location: Salon 7
Target Audience: IT, Enrollment and Marketing Leaders 

Overview: Dive into the practical application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the unique context of biblical higher education in this hands-on workshop led by Ardis Kadiu, CEO/Founder of Element451. This session will guide you through assessing your institution’s readiness for AI integration, emphasizing its role in supporting your mission and enhancing educational outcomes. Participants will receive a tailored AI readiness toolkit, designed to evaluate your current technology and cultural landscape and assist in developing a strategic roadmap aligned with your distinct objectives and challenges.

  • Become an AI trailblazer in the faith-based learning landscape
  • Harness the power of AI to revolutionize learning and operational excellence
  • Strengthen your leadership impact for AI integration on your campus

Synergy Between Athletic Programs & Enrollment Growth

Presenter: Dan Wood, Executive Director | NCCAA

Location: Salon 8
Target Audience: Enrollment Leaders, Athletic Program Leaders

Overview: A growing number of ABHE institutions are finding significant enrollment growth through the introduction of new athletic programs. How is this strategy working out and what are the implications for a strong partnership between the admissions team and athletic directors? Consider insights from the leader of Christian college athletics about how you can use athletic programs wisely in your quest for enrollment growth.

  • Understanding the surge in new athletic program among ABHE institutions – what’s happening
  • Analyzing athletic programs and enrollment growth – synergy or silos
  • Building a partnership between athletic program and enrollment leaders

Crafting and Meeting the Right Goals for Your Annual Enrollment Funnel

Presenter: Dave Burke, President | Legacy Higher Ed

Location: Salon 9
Target Audience: Enrollment Leaders

Overview: At the heart of an effective enrollment strategy lies a well-crafted and executed admissions funnel. Based on previous years actual data, this includes composite goals for the year and distributed for each respective admissions counselor on a regular basis. Then comes the hard work of making it all happen. How do accomplished enrollment leaders create the right goals for each stage of the funnel, managing this process for solid results? Learn both the science and art from a leader in enrollment ministry.

  • Sorting out the basics of setting enrollment goals – realistic but aspirational
  • Weaving enrollment goals into a comprehensive admissions strategy
  • Delegating responsibilities on a consistent basis to meet enrollment goals
  • Managing accountability and motivating performance for results

Looking Ahead – Securing the Future of Your Institution Through Planned Giving

Presenter: Clay Perkins, Executive Vice President | Financial Planning Ministry

Location: Salon 10
Target Audience: Advancement Leaders, Presidents, Planned Gifts Officers

Overview: The greatest financial loss for an institution is to not have an eye for the future, to be a captive to the tyranny of the urgent. Wise leaders are looking ahead and planning for a bright future with ample resources to fulfill the mission. Unprecedented wealth is at stake. This demands our attention. Look ahead with a distinguished leader who knows how to get this started and build a planned gifts program that will change your institution’s future.

  • Grasping the magnitude of the current wealth transfer – unprecedented
  • Building bridges for a bright future – with planned giving
  • Creating a strategy that works – getting started and growing

Overcoming Common Obstacles that Derail Strategic Planning

Presenters: Ryan Dougherty and Nick Willis | TG Three

Location: Salon 11
Target Audience: Presidents and CFOs

Overview: Explore why institutions often do not execute on their strategic plan. Discuss with strategic planning professionals how to build a strategic plan centered around a real strategy and not around a set of operational tasks.

  • All institutions, even failing ones, likely have a strategic plan
  • Discover the common reasons why these plans fail
  • Learn how to avoid the typical mistakes of strategic planning
  • Leave with a framework for building a winning strategy for your institution.

Hosting an Evaluation Team Visit

Presenter: Paul Keith, Vice President/Chief Operations Officer | College of Biblical Studies

Location: Salon 12
Target Audience: Accreditation Liaisons, Academic Leaders, Presidents

Overview:  The accreditation peer-review process includes the validation of operations and documentation through a thorough evaluation team visit. Preparation is essential, and being well-organized will save everyone time and prevent frustration. Think through the important steps of a good team visit and plan early for yours to flow smoothly.

  • Knowing what’s expected – starting with the end in mind
  • Arranging the logistical details – what’s helpful and/or necessary
  • Getting organized – preparing materials in an orderly manner

Exploring the Proposed Accreditation Standards 7 – 9

Presenter: Lisa Beatty, Executive Director | ABHE Commission on Accreditation

Location: Salon 13
Target Audience: Accreditation Liaisons, Academic Leaders, Presidents

Overview: Explore the details and implications of the proposed Standards 7 – 9

  • Understanding the new Standards and related Essential Elements – what’s changed and what’s not
  • Reviewing implications for your assessment strategy
  • Documenting compliance with the new Standards – ideas that work

COA Policy Updates

Presenter: Michael Jackson, Associate Director | ABHE Commission on Accreditation

Location: Salon 14
Target Audience: Accreditation Liaisons, Academic Leaders

Overview: Accreditation policies are always in a state of flux due to changes in government regulations and in turn, updates to COA policies. Bring your knowledge up to date with the COA expert in policy and make sure your accreditation planning is up to date.

  • Surveying the range of policy changes – what’s new
  • Understanding the implications of policy changes – now what?
  • Looking ahead with other potential changes – preparing for the future

Thriving Leaders Equals Thriving Institutions

Presenter: Jim O’Bold, President and Ellen Daniels, Director of Engagement | Servant Solutions

Location: Salon 15
Target Audience: Financial Leaders, HR Leaders, Presidents 

Overview:  All ABHE Institutions care for their employees as they are a vital part of the mission. But is your Institution also thinking ahead and proactively helping employees plan well for their post-employment years? Retirement planning is an essential part of employee care. Join us for this important conversation to learn more about how a retirement plan can help you and those who work at your institution thrive and not just survive.

  • How to relieve their biggest financial concern as a Christian leader
  • Develop good stewards among the staff and students you lead
  • Current stats on poor retirement planning – the sad reality
  • Learn practical savings strategies that work

Effective Management of Institutional Resources

Presenter: Ethan Kelly, CFO | Wesley Biblical Seminary

Location: Salon 16
Target Audience: Financial Leaders

Overview: CFO’s not only keep their financial records straight, ready for a sound audit, they also effectively manage institutional resources with wise stewardship for growth. What are the practical and efficient ways smart CFO’s do this? Think through this important function with an expert resource management CFO and sharpen your understanding of institutional resource management.

  • Understanding key factors of institutional resource management
  • Creating prudent policies for resource management authority
  • Knowing the risks and rewards of wise resource management – avoiding high risk actions
  • Building a leadership team partnership – with the president and board finance committee

Using ABHE Bible Knowledge Exam Analytics For Current Users

Presenters: Noah Tyler, Chief Financial Officer, Eren Asena, Chief Statistician | Classic Learning Test/ABHE Bible Knowledge Exam; Donna Knottek, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment | Highlands College

Location: Salon 17
Target Audience: Assessment Leaders, Academic Leaders, Test Administrators 

Overview: Learning the truths of God’s Word is a basic promise ABHE institutions make to their students. We are BIBLICAL higher education. The ABHE Bible Knowledge Exam is designed to test the measure of this learning and documenting the level of learning is a key part of institutional research. For current exam users, join with distinguished test administrators to see how exam analytics can be used to demonstrate Bible learning and inform your institution’s Bible teaching.

  • Reading test scores– understanding what they mean (and don’t)
  • Comparing your students’ scores with norms – comparative analysis
  • Knowing how test analytics can be used to confirm learning

Embracing a Biblical Model of Leadership Within the Academy

Presenter: Ralph Enlow, former President | Association for Biblical Higher Education

Location: Salon 18
Target Audience: Presidents, Trustees, Academic Leaders, C-Suite Leaders

Overview: Evangelical leader credibility has taken serious hits in recent years and we dare not think our biblical higher education sector is immune. Patterns contradictory to Scripture are all too pervasive within church and culture. Students learn leadership from the educational leaders they observe, not from textbooks and lectures. Hear from an elder statesman of our movement as to what a biblical model should look like and how it matters in the academy. Get help for checking your own compass bearings and staying true to our calling to distinctively Christian leadership.

  • Examine core biblical leadership metaphors modeled and fulfilled by Christ
  • Compare and contrast prevailing leadership trends in church and culture
  • Chart a course for modeling leader development through for self-awareness and change

Seizing Opportunities for Student Leadership Development

Presenter: Rick Swift, Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students | Cairn University

Location: Salon 1
Target Audience: Student Development Leaders

Overview: Student development leaders have a unique opportunity to development programs and opportunities for student leadership development. Whether in residence life, student organizations, athletic programs and more . . . there are a plethora of ways to call students forward to roles that cultivate their leadership skills. Think about your campus through the eyes of a distinguished student development leader and expand your student leadership opportunities.

  • Understanding campus life through the lens of student leadership development
  • Creating events and programs to enhance student leaders’ development journey
  • Weaving student leadership development into your student life philosophy
  • Reflecting on what I’ve learned from decades of student leadership development

Don’t Get Bitten – Earmarking and Addressing the Right Compliance Issues

Presenter: Dave Moja, Founder/CEO | Moja and Company;  ABHE Senior Fellow

Location: Salon 2
Target Audience: Financial Leaders

Overview: Ignorance is not always bliss, especially when you miss a critical issue of government compliance. The eyes of a smart CFO know what to watch for and keeps the institution well-aware of compliance issues to be addressed. Survey the current labyrinth of compliance issues with an expert and earmark what’s vital for you.

  • Knowing what’s new in government regs
  • Learning from the market – what’s happening in government oversight and audit
  • Staying abreast of changes – learning the essentials in a timely manner
  • Addressing compliance with prudence – meeting expectations & requirements

The Board and President’s Most Critical Responsibility: Preserving the Institution’s Mission and Preventing Mission Drift

Presenter: Jim Barnes, President Emeritus | Indiana Wesleyan University; ABHE Board Coach and Senior Fellow

Location: Salon 4
Target Audience: Trustees, Presidents

Overview: These days of serious cultural headwinds and shifting foundations call for godly courage from institutional leaders to stay the course and prevent deadly mission drift. Everyone can share sad stories of institutions gone adrift, no longer raising the banner of their once cherished mission. So how does this happen? What will wise and stout-hearted leaders do on their watch? Think forward with a distinguished and passionate former president.

  • Accepting the board and president’s responsibility – Staying the course
  • Understanding the risks of mission drift – and rewards of mission fidelity
  • Exercising the leaders’ role of mission preservation – keeping the mission in focus, regardless
  • Taking practical steps to protect your institution from mission drift

CEO Burnout and Board Awareness

Presenter: David Gyertson, former president | Asbury, Regent and Taylor universities; ABHE Board Coach

Location: Salon 5
Target Audience: Trustees, Presidents

Overview: Most college presidents would agree that the job can suck the life out of you. Most would also agree that the president bears point responsibility for personal renewal and vitality – in all areas of their life. But the data is compelling – more CEO’s are facing burnout, often when their institution is flourishing. And that’s when boards are often unaware of what’s brewing inside their leader. Look deeper with a distinguish board coach at CEO burnout vs flourishing and how boards can better care for their president.

  • Learning from the marketplace of HE – no one is immune
  • Caring for the institutional president – the calling of boards
  • Knowing the symptom of executive burnout – often unseen
  • Creating a partnership of vitality – practical and creative ideas

Creating a Bible College Ecosystem for Growing Online Programs

Presenter: Beau Walker, Vice President for Global Education | Lancaster Bible College, Capital Seminary and Graduate School

Location: Salon 7
Target Audience: Faculty Leaders, Academic Leaders, Online Ed Leaders, Enrollment Leaders

Overview: One of the enriching byproducts of innovation in online education is a growing expertise in creating and nurturing the right ecosystem for thriving online education programs. This is of vital importance within institutions of biblical higher education as we promise both learning and life change. Consider insights gained from the journey of Lancaster Bible College with their leader in LBC Global. Enrich your online ecosystem and expand your capacity for more effective online education.

  • Describing and dissecting the nature of an online ecosystem – what is this?
  • Understanding the impact and importance of cultivating the right ecosystem for scaling online programs
  • Discovering principles and innovative practices for ecosystem leadership – ideas that work
  • Owning the leader’s role in proactive ecosystem cultivation for sustained online program growth

Building Relationships with Prospective Students That Lead to Enrollment

Presenter: Keith Mock, Enrollment Marketing Solutions | Liaison International

Location: Salon 8
Target Audience: Enrollment Leaders

Overview: Recruiting in a small college environment has always been a relationship business. Our limited brand awareness makes the simple use of big lists and working big numbers inefficient. How do we effectively build a relationship with a single name on a big list?  To be successful, our approach must be based on an effective process and communications plan… one that keeps the relationship fresh right through the enrollment funnel to matriculation. Think through this process with a distinguished enrollment leader and refine your process to be more effective for greater results.

  • Getting started – from inquiry to prospective student relationship
  • Creating communication systems that feed relationships
  • Introducing personal creativity into relationship cultivation – serendipitous initiative
  • Keeping up with contacts in a timely way – not letting relationship grow cold

Practical Tactics for Effective Financial Aid

Presenter: John Dysart, President | The Dysart Group

Location: Salon 9
Target Audience: Financial Aid Leaders, Enrollment Leaders

Overview: Concerned about the rising costs of financial aid? Struggling to control your discount rates? Unsure if your current financial aid structure and process best support your recruitment and financial aid goals? Learn from an expert about the drivers of financial aid expenditures and consider real initiatives to enable you to better use scarce financial aid resources. Consider practical ideas to control financial aid costs that can be implemented now.

  • Defining your discount rate – a reality check
  • Understanding the drivers of institutional aid expenses
  • Reviewing data informed packaging options
  • Developing processes and tactics to control expenditures

Managing Your Major Donors for Major Results

Presenter: Pat McLaughlin, CEO | The Timothy Group

Location: Salon 10
Target Audience: Advancement Leaders, Presidents, Major Gifts Officers

Overview: An essential and core part of every good advancement strategy is wise major donor management. Both current and prospective major donors are high-value relationships worthy of careful thought, assignment, and cultivation. The results can be the foundation for your institution’s flourishing future. Think through these important details with an advancement expert and hone your strategy for major results.

  • Identifying your major donor list – good giving records and research
  • Managing the relationship wisely – with accountability for cultivation
  • Thinking creatively together about enhancing their engagement with the institution – team synergy
  • Executing major donor solicitation – asking boldly

Creative Ideas for Growing Your Enrollment – Learning from the Best

Presenter: Phil Cook, Executive Director | NACCAP

Location: Salon 11
Target Audience: Enrollment Leaders

Overview: Innovation has it rewards but there’s no law against learning from others. Don’t get stuck in the frustration of doing the same old things and expecting different results. Innovate – wisely. Review the current landscape of enrollment management with the leader of Christian enrollment professionals and consider creative ideas that other institutions are finding helpful.

  • Learning what changes were prompted by the pandemic – no surprise
  • Hearing about innovation across the waterfront – exciting
  • Testing innovation against results – questions to ask, data to gather

Crafting an Effective Progress Report

Presenters: Jon Jones, Director of Library and Academic Services | Mission University: Charles Faber, Academic Dean | Boise Bible College

Location: Salon 12
Target Audience: Academic Leaders, Accreditation Liaisons 

Overview: Commission on Accreditation actions often require institutions to submit Progress Reports updating the Commission on institutional progress relative to team recommendations or substantive changes. Hear from Commission leaders on what they are looking for when reviewing progress reports and how to make the reporting process useful for the Commission and the institution.

  • Understanding the context of a Progress Report in Commission work
  • Knowing the purpose and expectations for Progress Reports
  • Leveraging the reporting cycle for institutional improvement

What’s Next? COA Policy and Process Listening Session

Presenters: Jena Dunn, Provost | Stark College and Seminary, ABHE Commission on Accreditation Chair; Lisa Beatty, Executive Director; Michael Jackson, Associate Director | ABHE Commission on Accreditation

Location: Salon 13
Target Audience: Academic Leaders, Accreditation Liaisons, Presidents

Overview:  Provide your input as the ABHE Commission on Accreditation looks ahead to a comprehensive review of its policies and processes

  • Catch the vision for comprehensive policy review
  • Share your perspectives – what policies need updates or improvements?
  • Speak into the conversation about ABHE accreditation cycles and timelines

Become an ABHE Peer Evaluator?

Presenters: Shane Wood, Senior Associate Director | ABHE Commission on Accreditation; Chris Dickerson, Provost | Carolina College of Biblical Studies; Cynthia Snell, Director of Library Services | Columbia International University; Josiah Stephan, Vice President for Academic Affairs | South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary

Location: Salon 14
Target Audience: Academic Leaders, C-Suite Leaders

Overview: Quality assurance across all higher education is built on the time-honored process of peer review. It’s how we confirm institutions are delivering on their mission and academic promises. And it’s the means for bringing focus to institutional improvement. But a surprising significant benefit goes to the individual leaders who become peer evaluators. Their consistent testimony is that it’s a major inflection point for professional growth and development. Why not consider joining with many other COA peer evaluators. You’ll be glad you did!

  • Exploring the common experiences of a peer evaluator – how it works
  • Knowing the expectations and requirements – the work required
  • Making a decision – training and engagement

Empowering Financial Aid for Enrollment Growth

Presenter: Rocky Christensen, Director of Financial Aid | Johnson University

Location: Salon 15
Target Audience: Financial Aid Leaders, Enrollment Leaders

Overview: The expectations and pressures for prudent management of institutional financial aid have never been greater. Allocating scarce funding resources, being compliant with regulations, solving student financial challenges without escalating tuition discounting and all of this feeding enrollment growth. Not for the faint of heart. Tackle these financial aid leadership issues with an expert and sharpen your handle for effective leadership.

  • Understanding the spirit and purpose of financial aid – your financial aid philosophy
  • Staying compliant with government regulations – knowing the boundaries and requirements
  • Thinking creatively about addressing student financial needs – with your enrollment team
  • Expanding your resources to help more students -growing your enrollment

AI and Theology: Utilizing ChatGPT for Theological Education

Presenter: Walker Tzeng, Chief Operating Officer and Chaplain | Olivet University

Location: Salon 16
Target Audience: Academic Leaders, Faculty

Overview: Interested in the confluence of AI and theological education? Join this focused and timely workshop on the application of ChatGPT in theological discussions. Consider ways to engage the current generation of students and theologians to responsibly leverage artificial intelligence to enrich their understanding of faith-related topics. Review research on the advantages and challenges of employing ChatGPT in theological settings.

  • Using AI in theological discussions – insights from research
  • Engaging students responsibly – group discussion
  • Integrating ChatGPT into coursework – a blessing or curse
  • Charting the course forward – a reality check

Closing Time: When Enough Is Enough

Presenter: Jeff Spear, Founder | CFO Colleague

Location: Salon 17
Target Audience: Financial Leaders, Presidents

Overview: Higher Education is a resilient industry. When most of our revenue generation carries over from year to year, anticipating the future really isn’t that difficult, if we are realistic. There does come a time, though, when continuing is no longer a viable option. The question is whether leadership is listening. Consider eight vital factors that taken as a whole, pretty well seal the fate of an institution.

  • Understanding what signs are telegraphed well in advance
  • Weighing the evidence and reaching the right conclusions
  • Knowing if leadership is listening for the right signs
  • Thinking through painful decisions and a process


Increasing Student Enrollment Numbers Through Conversion Rate Optimization

Presenter: Emily Long, Lead Digital Strategist | WTM Digital

Location: Salon 18
Target Audience: Enrollment Leaders

Overview: In today’s highly competitive college selection process, it’s not enough to get traffic to your school’s website. You must be able to effectively convert website visitors into student prospects, and student prospects into student applicants. To accomplish this, your website needs to deliver an experience that aligns with what your target audience wants, not an experience you think they want. In this session, we will explore the role conversion rate optimization (CRO) should be playing in the success of your school’s website and which tools can help you maximize your site’s lead generation performance.

  • Understand the purpose and function of CRO within the student prospect’s online experience
  • Explore CRO tools that are accessible to organizations at any budget level
  • Learn how to capture and analyze user behavior data to make informed website changes that improve your target user’s experience
  • See the CRO process in action and explore how it can be applied to your institution’s website for measurable benefit.