Leadership Development Conferences

Outstanding Value! I gleaned an incredible amount of information in two days that I will be able to take back and begin implementing immediately.  I was impressed by all the presenters and material presented.

Conference Attendee

Plan now to attend one of these dynamic fall conferences to be offered in a hybrid model – both on site and virtually.  Expand your capacity and sharpen your competency as a leader in biblical higher education. Choose the conference specifically designed for your role and enjoy the enrichment and networking with distinguished presenters and other leaders from across the movement.

Leadership Development Conferences




Sexual Harassment and Title IX Training Conference [1 1/2-DAY]
MAR 26-27, 2024 [Early Bird Deadline – February 23]
Sponsored by: Moody Bible Institute

Being responsible for Title IX on your campus is a lonely responsibility with limited personnel and financial resources. Furthermore, there is tremendous burden to be compliant to federal expectations while safeguarding individuals and the institution. This Title IX training features personal and institutional assessments, an abundance of information to assist the Title IX beginner and compliment more experienced Title IX professionals.

Financial Aid Leaders Conference [1 1/2 — DAY]
APR 2-3, 2024 [Early Bird Deadline – March 1]

A first ever ABHE conference to address the transformative impacts of the FAFSA Simplification Act, Borrower Defense claims, Financial Value Transparency, Gainful Employment, and the strategic leveraging of Professional Judgement.  It features high engagement with financial aid professionals at the leadership counselor or coordinator level.  It also equips campus leaders with crucial information related to compliance to better guide the financial aid department and to support updates to strategic plans and institutional initiatives especially related to compliance, growth in enrollment, and higher retention rates.  Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving landscape of financial aid.


Competency Based Theological Education Conference [1 1/2 — DAY]
APR 23-24, 2024 [Early Bird Deadline – March 25]
Bible College and Seminary leaders are well-aware of the challenges facing theological education. Competency-based theological education (CBTE) attempts to address many of these challenges through an innovative approach that prioritizes preparation of students for effective, real-world ministry, collaboration and connection with churches, and improved affordability and access. This conference is for leaders who wish to learn about the foundational pedagogies, principles, and practices of CBTE and engage with institutional leaders who have first-hand experience designing, operating, and accrediting CBTE-style programs.

Sponsored by: Campus
APR 25-26, 2024 [Early Bird Deadline – March 25, 2024]

Online education sustained many institutions through the pandemic. An opportunity is emerging on the other side of the pandemic to validate and in some cases to recast online education. What does excellence in online education look like? How does this impact marketing, recruiting, course design, delivery, learning assessment and program management? Consider best practices for online education from distinguished experts across ABHE and beyond.

Achieving Accreditation Standards [2-DAY]
MAY 21-22, 2024 [Early Bird Deadline – April 19]

The Achieving Accreditation Standards conference provides an overview of all nine ABHE Institutional Accreditation Standards approved in February 2024, along with the 102 Essential Elements that must be met to satisfy each standard. The presentation-discussion format provides the opportunity for participants to explore situations at their own institutions and seek advice from ABHE professional staff members on how to address those situations in the context of the standards. Time for self-assessment is included to develop a working agenda for addressing areas that need improvement before hosting an evaluation team.

The Accreditation Journey [1 1/2-DAY]
MAY 23-24, 2024 [Early Bird Deadline – April 19]

Designed for institutions and individuals interested in accreditation or just starting through the process. This 1-1/2 Day conference will be invaluable to individuals who have responsibility for accreditation initiatives and processes at their institutions. Institutions are encouraged to bring their accreditation teams to ensure broad understanding and shared commitment to the institutional responsibilities required for a successful accreditation journey.


FALL 2024


Institutional Assessment Conference [2-DAY]
SEP 24-25, 2024 [Early Bird Deadline – August 25]
  • Begins at 9am on 9/24 and ends with dinner on 9/25
Sponsored By: WEAVE

An essential discipline of every mature institution is an effective system of assessment. This is not a one-time project on the institutional check list. It’s an ongoing process that tracks learning outcomes and demonstrates institutional effectiveness; in short, it is how an institution knows how well they’re delivering on their educational promise. An effective assessment system is the secret sauce of continuous quality improvement that informs budgeting and strategic planning. It’s simply indispensable for institutional excellence. Learn from distinguished leaders across higher education how you can build effective assessment into the warp and weave of your institution. Help your institution effectively assess what’s important and lead your institution toward excellence.

Enrollment Leaders Conference [1 1/2-DAY]
OCT 8-9, 2024 [Early Bird Deadline – September 8]
  • Begins with dinner on 10/7, ends with lunch on 10/9
Sponsored By: NACCAP

While institutions come out of the pandemic, the pressure is on for enrollment leaders to figure out what their future enrollment will look like. What innovations that started in the pandemic will last? What must be re-captured? It’s a great time to refocus our energies and recalibrate our enrollment strategy. Now is the time to lead with what’s stood the test of time . . . and new ideas that are more effective than ever.

Advancement Leaders Conference [1 1/2-DAY]
OCT 10-11, 2024 [Early Bird Deadline – September 10]
  • Begins with dinner on 10/9, ends with lunch on 10/11

This time in history marks the greatest creation of wealth the world has ever seen. This presents astonishing possibilities for fundraising. It’s our time to hone our skills, craft the right strategy and step into the arena with prayerful boldness as stewardship ministers of the gospel. Join this exciting journey of connecting God’s resources to His work at your institution. Build the bridges of blessing between those in whom God has entrusted resources with institutions raising up a new generation of spiritual leaders.

Presidents Conference [1 1/2-DAY]
OCT 29-30, 2024 [Early Bird Deadline – September 30
  • Begins with dinner on 10/28, ends with lunch on 10/30
Sponsored By: CAMPUS

What do effective presidents need to know and what practices must be consistently performed for an enduring and distinguished legacy? Gain key insights from veteran leaders that will sharpen your competency and expand your capacity to provide effective leadership in the president’s office. Designed for new and experienced presidents as well as leaders who aspire for future service, this conference is focused on executive skills, institutional oversight practices, risk management, and excellence in presidential professional and personal development.

Academic Leaders Conference [1 1/2-DAY]
OCT 31-NOV 1, 2024 [Early Bird Deadline – October 1]
  • Begins with dinner on 10/30, ends with lunch on 11/1
Sponsored by: Campus

Effective academic leadership from the CAO to department chairs and deans is necessary for a flourishing academic enterprise. This two-day conference designed for academic leaders will explore the diverse responsibilities and roles academic leaders and provide wise guidance for distinguished leadership. From faculty hiring, evaluation, development and transition to academic program assessment, management and delivery — review your skill set for academic leadership and grow.

Student Development Leaders Conference [1 1/2-DAY]
NOV 12-13, 2024 [Early Bird Deadline – October 11]
  • Begins with dinner on 11/11, ends with lunch on 11/3

Leading student life on a college campus has never been more challenging. The role has expanded with demands for new levels of legal risks, government compliance and relational nuances. This is our day to serve Christ as wise shepherds of the flock — caring for students with grace and truth. Join others in the journey of leadership growth and impact.

Financial Leaders Conference [1 1/2-DAY]
NOV 14-15, 2024 [Early Bird Deadline – October 14]
  • Begins with dinner on 11/13, ends with lunch on 11/15

During these days of high volatility in the higher education market, the prudent counsel of the CFO is more important than ever. It’s imperative for CFOs to assist the president, board and leadership team to manage the financial side of the house well. This conference is designed specifically for that task, to sharpen your grasp important financial management issues including HR, government compliance and risk assessment responsibilities. Welcome to the journey.


(Per Person; Per Conference)


  • Members: $150
  • Non-Members: $250


  • Members: $200
  • Non-Members: $300

ON-SITE [1-1/2 DAY]

  • Members: $425 ($375 – Early Bird)
  • Non-Members: $525 ($475- Early Bird)


  • Members: $525 ($475 – Early Bird)
  • Non-Members: $625 ($575 – Early Bird)

VIRTUAL Pricing Includes:

  • full engagement in conference program, including Q&A
  • access to video recordings of presentations post-conference
  • access to all conference resources

ON-SITE Pricing Includes:

  • full engagement in conference program, including Q&A
  • Networking/Fellowship with attendees & presenters
  • access to video recordings of presentations post-conference
  • two or three night’s lodging [based on conference length] at the nearby Hilton Garden Inn
  • all conference meals & refreshments
  • access to all conference resources


All Conferences to be held at the Weber Center for Leadership Development
ABHE International Offices
5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Ste. 130
Orlando, FL  32822


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