Leadership Development Conferences

Outstanding Value! I gleaned an incredible amount of information in two days that I will be able to take back and begin implementing immediately.  I was impressed by all the presenters and material presented.

Conference Attendee

Plan now to attend one of these dynamic fall conferences to be offered in a hybrid model – both on site and virtually.  Expand your capacity and sharpen your competency as a leader in biblical higher education. Choose the conference specifically designed for your role and enjoy the enrichment and networking with distinguished presenters and other leaders from across the movement.

2022 Leadership Conferences


Achieving Accreditation Standards
MAY 23-24, 2022

Sponsored By: WEAVE

This conference provides an overview of all 11 ABHE Institutional Accreditation Standards, along with the 149 Essential Elements that must be met to satisfy each standard.  The presentation-discussion format provides opportunity for participants to explore situations at their institutions and seek advice from the ABHE professional staff and senior evaluators on how to address those situations in the context of the standards. A self-assessment opportunity will be included to develop a working agenda for addressing areas that need improvement before hosting an evaluation team. This conference is beneficial to individuals who will have significant responsibilities in preparing their institutions for an evaluation team visit, whether reaffirmation, initial accreditation, or candidacy.  Institutions are encouraged to bring their accreditation team/accreditation planning committee to make this a meaningful hands-on preparation for hosting a comprehensive evaluation team visit. The conference also serves as the required new applicant orientation for institutions granted applicant status in June/November 2021 or February 2022.

Online Education Conference
SEP 12-13, 2022

Sponsored By: Acadeum

With the massive shift to online education due to the pandemic, many institutions are aggressively reworking curriculum programs to more appropriately complete in the virtual education space. This is no small challenge with virtual engagement removing the limitations of place and time. So, what does excellence in online education look like? How does this impact marketing, recruiting, course design, delivery, learning assessment and program management? Consider best practices for online education from distinguished experts across ABHE and beyond.

The Accreditation Journey
SEP 26-27, 2022

Sponsored By: WEAVE

Designed for institutions and individuals interested in accreditation or just starting through the process. This two-day conference will focus on all of the elements vital to a successful launch into the accreditation journey. Institutions are encouraged to bring their accreditation team to ensure a broad understanding and shared commitment to the institutional responsibilities over the next few years for a successful accreditation journey.

Enrollment Leaders Leadership Development Conference
OCT 3-4, 2022

Sponsored By: NACCAP

An intensive two-day training on the art and science of effective enrollment management. Designed for all levels of staff including president, enrollment leaders, and admissions support staff – this “how-to” conference will help you develop and strengthen your enrollment strategy and outline key elements for effective execution at all levels. From high level strategy and marketing to daily block and tackle essentials, sharpen the edge of your enrollment efforts and take your team to the next level.

Presidents Leadership Development Conference
OCT 12-13, 2022

Sponsored By: CampusEDU

What do effective presidents need to know and what practices must be consistently performed for an enduring and distinguished legacy? Gain key insights from veteran leaders that will sharpen your competency and expand your capacity to provide effective leadership in the president’s office. Designed for new and experienced presidents as well as leaders who aspire for future service, this conference is focused on executive skills, institutional oversight practices, board governance, and excellence in presidential professional and personal development.

Institutional Assessment Conference
OCT 17-18, 2022

Sponsored By: WEAVE

An essential discipline of every mature institution is an effective system of assessment. This is not a one-time project on the institutional check list. It’s an ongoing process that tracks learning outcomes and demonstrates institutional effectiveness; in short, it is how an institution knows how well they’re delivering on their educational promise. An effective assessment system is the secret sauce of continuous quality improvement that informs budgeting and strategic planning. It’s simply indispensable for institutional excellence. Learn from distinguished leaders across higher education how you can build effective assessment into the warp and weave of your institution. Help your institution effectively assess what’s important and lead your institution toward excellence.

Academic Leaders Conference
OCT 20-21, 2022

Sponsored By: InterLearn

What does excellence in leadership look like for the modern academic enterprise? This two-day conference designed for current and aspiring chief academic officers will explore the diverse responsibilities and roles of the CAO and provide wise guidance for distinguished leadership. From faculty hiring, evaluation, development and transition to academic program assessment, management and delivery – review your skill set for academic leadership and grow.

Advancement Leaders Conference
OCT 31 – NOV 1, 2022

Sponsored By: The Timothy Group

Can anything match the challenge, the pressure, and the potential of resource development for institutions of biblical higher education? The greater the vision, the greater the need, and courageous fundraisers step into the gap to see dreams come true. Consider practical and principled insights to strengthen your ministry. Learn from advancement leaders who have helped hundreds of institutions raise millions of dollars and more importantly, cultivated priceless relationships with friends who enrich the legacy of their school.

Financial Officers Leadership Development Conference
NOV 7-8, 2022

Sponsored By: Servant Solutions

Strong institutions are served by astute financial leaders who both accurately manage the financial operations of the organization and provide keen foresight for the financial planning of institutional leaders. Drill one level down and you are quickly immersed into the complex details of effective budgeting and reporting, financial ratios and key performance indicators, governance compliance, auditing standards, HR policy, risk assessment/ management, and the list continues. Embark on this journey of excellence in financial leadership and take your service to your institution and the cause of Christ to a new level.

Student Development Officers Leadership Development Conference
NOV 14-15, 2022

Sponsored By: Digistorm

What are the gifts and graces, skills and competencies that mark a distinguished student development officer? Explore the diverse range of responsibilities and learn from veteran campus leaders how to create and nurture a thriving campus culture. Learn essential elements of regulatory compliance, creative ideas for boosting campus morale, best practices for student leadership development and wise counsel for effective management of athletic programs. Take your student development leadership to the next level.

Title IX Coordinator & Investigator Training Conference
NOV 17-18, 2022

ABHE colleges are committed to provide safe campuses free from sexual harassment, misconduct, and related forms of discriminatory behaviors. This sensitive area combines protection for our learning communities while we remain true to the biblical teachings on sex, marriage, and the goodness of God’s created order.

This new Title IX Coordinator and Investigator Training is in response to the US Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights guidelines which require colleges that receive federal funds to designate a Title IX Coordinator and ensure this person receives annual training. In addition, the institution’s Title IX Coordinator must ensure other members of a Title IX Team have training to perform their work along with training for students and employees about Title IX to establish prevention programs for campus safety.

ABHE’s Title IX Coordinator and Investigator Training is designed to be a collaborative process where designated Title IX employees from ABHE colleges can learn from experienced professionals and just as importantly – learn in dialog with one another. Presentations will be packed with content, practical suggestions, mini case studies and a few in-depth case studies.


(Per Person; Per Conference)


  • Members: $175
  • Members | Title IX Training Virtual – $275
  • Non-Members: $325
  • Non-Members | Title IX Training Virtual – $475


  • Members: $500 ($450 – Early Bird); 
  • Members | Title IX Training: $600 ($550 – Early Bird)
  • Non-Members: $700 ($650- Early Bird)
  • Non-Members | Title IX Training: $800 ($750 – Early Bird)

Early Bird Deadlines:

  • August 1, 2022
    • Online Education Conference
    • The Accreditation Journey
  • September 1, 2022
    • Enrollment Leaders
    • Presidents Conference
    • Institutional Assessment
    • Academic Officers
  • October 1, 2022
    • Advancement Leaders
    • Chief Financial Officers
    • Student Development Officers
    • Title IX Training Conference

 Virtual Pricing Includes:

  • full engagement in two-day program, including Q&A
  • access to video recordings of presentations post-conference
  • access to all conference resources

On-Site Pricing Includes:

  • full engagement in two-day program, including Q&A
  • access to video recordings of presentations post-conference
  • three night’s lodging at the nearby Hilton Garden Inn
  • 7 meals & refreshments
  • access to all conference resources


All Conferences to be held at the Weber Center for Leadership Development
ABHE International Offices
5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Ste. 130
Orlando, FL  32822


David Medders
Executive Vice President
407.456.4503 | conferences@abhe.org