Call for Public Comments

The ABHE Commission on Accreditation reviews Standards and policies on a regular basis to maintain currency; but every ten years, the Commission undertakes a comprehensive review of standards in compliance with Title 34, section §602.2 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

The Commission’s recent review process engaged a significant number of internal and external stakeholders through Annual Meeting listening sessions, a member survey, three virtual listening sessions, seven taskforces, team evaluator feedback, a steering committee, and the Commission Criterion Committee.

The proposed Conditions of Eligibility and Standards for Accreditation reflect the following Commission intentions:

  • Descriptive, rather than prescriptive language
  • Reduced repetition and/or overlap
  • Intentional focus on student success and spiritual formation
  • Intentional focus on institutional quality and improvement through effective assessment and planning processes
  • Additional clarity regarding practical experience and ministry formation expectations
  • Attention to technology expectations post-COVID
  • Addition of Essential Elements specific to doctoral education

In the documents provided, you will find Conditions of Eligibility and Standards for Accreditation for both Institutional and Programmatic Accreditation.  For those who enjoy numbers, the proposed Institutional Standards for Accreditation include 9 Standards and 100 Essential Elements, reduced from 11 Standards and 150 Essential Elements in the current Standards.

The Commission invites comments from member institutions, students, constituents, the accreditation community, and the public. Comments will be reviewed by the Commission on Accreditation prior to consideration for approval at the November 2023 Commission meeting and subsequent adoption at the February 2024 Delegate Assembly. Please provide comments by no later than September 15, 2023.

We appreciate your careful reading and thoughtful feedback on these proposals.

Please direct any questions to