2023 Biblical Higher Education Journal


In this eightteenth issue, the Biblical Higher Education Journal continues its mission of promoting informed reflection and scholarly research on the practice of biblical ministry formation and professional leadership education. 



This eighteenth issue of the Biblical Higher Education Journal continues to support the mission of biblical higher education by providing a venue for publication of related research and a forum for thought and dialogue regarding the issues, trends, opportunities, and challenges facing biblical higher education.

This volume contains three articles and six book reviews. The first article was contributed by Ling Dinse and Tyler Gehman of Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School. They offer advice for structured conversations with students on potentially contentious issues. The second was contributed by Jodyann Reid of South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary. She promotes a holistic pedagogy that is based on a correct understanding of anthropology and epistemology. Greg Linton contributed the third article, which examines the causes of faculty burnout and ways to prevent it.

The six book reviews in this volume cover a range of important topics and issues related to biblical higher education, such as teaching methodologies, integration of faith and learning, perspectives on theological education, and religious liberty. The reviewers summarize the contents of the books and advise readers on their potential usefulness.




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