SSF-LogoJCTS began at Grace College of Divinity as a forum for scholarly discussion and review. Then in 2014 other colleges joined the scholarly forum, initially New Hope Christian College in Oregon joined the scholarly interaction. Other colleges joined as well with the first student forum for paper submissions held at the ABHE (Association for Biblical Higher Education) conference in February 2015 & 2016. Each paper is reviewed through an editorial process then selected for presentation and the best of the papers are selected for publication in this journal.  Volume 3 is now available here.

In this journal, the connection between theology and practical ministry is examined from a scholarly as well as a practical perspective. This area of research is simultaneously an area of research from antiquity and yet a new area of scholarly endeavor as well. In this journal Christian theology from the Scriptures is explored with its implications for contemporary praxis. This discussion is pursued by scholars, both student and faculty, of Bible Colleges with the design of discovering practical applications of theology for the modern context in the church as well in different ministry contexts.  The focal points of these articles and discussions are the rich tapestry of the Scriptures as it is appropriated into the diverse texture of contemporary society, problems and the church.