I have a close friend who was traveling in Costa Rica. He was riding in a taxi through town, came to his destination and opened the door to exit the taxi. Suddenly, a young man on a bicycle ran directly into the open car door.  The bicycle was mangled and the young man was scraped and bruised. The next thing that happened was my friend was taken to the local jail, was tied up in the jail yard by a chain to a pole and spent the next three days there in the jail yard.  His wife begged the local officials to release him, she contacted the U.S. Embassy for help but received none. She was frantic until he was finally released after she paid off the young man and his attorney.

Do your faculty or any of your students travel outside the United States on school-related activities? Are you aware that all regular Property & Liability Insurance policies have a territory limitation?

Standard Property & Liability Policies have a territory limitation of:

  • The United States, its territories and possessions, Canada & Puerto Rico.

Standard Workers’ Compensation Policies have a territory limitation of:

  • The Continental United States it’s territories and possessions & Canada.

A Foreign Commercial Package policy is able to provide nine different coverages:

  • Foreign Commercial General Liability
  • Foreign Auto
  • Foreign Workers’ Comp
  • Travel Accident & Sickness
  • Commercial Property
  • Kidnap & Ransom/Extortion
  • Marine Ocean Cargo
  • Commercial Crime
  • Political Risk

If your students and/or faculty travel outside the U.S., our recommendation about a Foreign Commercial Package is, do NOT leave without it!

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