You are doubtless flooded with COVID19-related communications and inundated with pressure for increasingly rapid response to this escalating global pandemic. I write today to assure you of our team’s prayerful concern and eagerness to support you in this moment of crisis. Mutual Care and Support Those who attend our ABHE Annual Meetings consistently observe that ABHE is not merely a professional organization but truly a family. We are committed to living up to that family calling in this moment. The Lord has given us each other so that we may serve one another as His source of encouragement and supply in this time of need. Thank you for allowing ABHE to function as the connective tissue in this aspect of Christ’s living Body.

My personal Bible reading in recent days has been in the Book of Acts. Nothing could be more clear from Luke’s account of the early church than these things:

  • The most remarkably viral entity in the world is the Gospel.
  • Many so-called impediments to the Gospel’s propagation were not only overcome by the Spirit but also became the very means the Spirit used to carry out the Father’s plan to spread the Good News to the ends of the earth.

May it be so among us and through us in these days. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world [John 16:33].

Your partner in biblical, transformational, experiential, missional higher education,

Ralph E. Enlow, Jr.