Each year at the Annual Meeting, the Association for Biblical Higher Education recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in advancing and assuring quality biblical higher education.

This year, the Board has acted to confer the Biblical Higher Education Award upon a dedicated and dynamic husband-wife team, each a most deserving and accomplished educator who has devoted an entire career to serving the Lord in biblical higher education at their beloved John Wesley University and in various ABHE service and leadership capacities.

John and April Lindsey’s service in Biblical Higher Education and within ABHE spans nearly four decades.

John has served John Wesley University in various capacities since 1976, including such roles as Bible and Missions faculty member, Dean of Students, Adult Degree Completion Program Director, Academic Dean, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Dean of the School of Ministry/Graduate Studies. His academic studies span institutions as varied as Vennard College, Jerusalem University College, Asbury Seminary, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Duke University, and University of North Carolina-Greensboro. He has been an active participant in ABHE accreditation and training activities over the years, having served on 20 accreditation evaluation teams, 12 of which he chaired. His professional contributions include numerous consulting engagements, scholarly publishing, and workshop presentations.

April is one of ABHE’s most accomplished and influential professional librarians. Having begun her studies at Vennard College, April subsequently graduated from Asbury College and later earned the Master of Library Science degree from University of North Carolina-Greensboro. She has served as John Wesley University’s Director of Library Services since 1985. Her involvement in ABHE leadership is as extensive in its breadth as its length. She has served on or led more than a dozen ABHE evaluation teams, chaired ABHE’s Nominating Committee, served as Copy Editor for ABHE’s Biblical Higher Education Journal, served not one, but two terms on our Commission on Accreditation, and also six years as a member of the ABHE Board of Directors, five as a member of the Board Executive Committee.

The Lindseys’ professional accomplishments and services are excelled only by their spiritual leadership. John Wesley University President Steve Condon attests that the Lindseys are among the institution’s most stalwart prayer warriors. For their long-demonstrated and outstanding leadership in advancing and assuring quality biblical higher education we extend our grateful applause and hearty congratulations in presenting the Association for Biblical Higher Education’s 2017 Biblical Higher Education Award to John and April Lindsey.