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Conference Pricing

Early Bird Deadline: September 15, 2023

Members (On-Site): $400 per person ($350 Early Bird)
Members  (Virtual Via Zoom): $150
Non-Members (On-Site): $600 per person ($550 Early Bird)
Non-Members (Virtual Via Zoom): $250


Virtual Pricing Includes:

Full engagement in 1 1/2-day program, including Q&A
Access to video recordings of presentations post-conference
Access to all conference resources


On-Site Pricing Includes:

Full engagement in 1 1/2-day program, including Q&A
Networking/Fellowship with attendees & presenters
Access to video recordings of presentations post-conference
Two night’s lodging at the adjacent Hilton Garden Inn
6 meals & refreshments [Begins with dinner on 10/16, ends with lunch on 10/18]
Access to all conference resources

Program Overview

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Presenter: Bill Blocker, President | College of Biblical Studies-Houston
Overview: What does it REALLY mean to lead with humility? As leaders in institutions of biblical higher education, we are familiar with and probably often associate with the ultimate leadership model, Jesus Christ. And yet too often we observe leadership gaps between what is said and what is done.

  • Discover what leading with humility looks like
  • Understand the tension that exists between biblical humility and the common personality traits of leaders who are often drawn to the presidency
  • Learn how to distinguish personal ambition from Holy ambition and impact it can make on your institution



Presenter: Paul Alexander, President | Trinity Bible College & Graduate School
Overview: It is commonly understood that one of the most important tasks of the president is to lead institutional fundraising efforts. While others may be involved in fundraising, setting the methodology and pace of fundraising is the responsibility of the president.

  • Learn keys to establishing vision and passion around fundraising
  • Understand the importance of having multiple initiatives ready for potential funding
  • Discover the value of properly celebrating and honoring donors who give



Presenter: Matt Ayars, President | Wesley Biblical Seminary
Overview: Regardless of institutional size, every president operates with a leadership team. When a new president comes into a college he/she typically inherits a team from the exited president. Building a team around your leadership gifting and skills is critical to your success as president.

  • Learn how to assess your own leadership skills to identify what types of leaders you need with you
  • Discover the liability of keeping c-suite leaders that don’t fit with your leadership style
  • Understand the continuum of your leadership and how the leadership capacities of your c-suite change over time



Presenter: Matt Pinson, President | Welch College
Overview: Issues and decisions that matriculate to the desk of the president are rarely simple. Rather, they are often complex and nuanced with significant implications.

  • Discover how to ask the right questions to understand complex issues and decisions
  • Learn how to separate the decision to be made from the fallout of the decision made
  • Understand the importance of proactively reviewing institutional policies and procedures so that they support the institution’s mission and community ethos



Presenter: Gregg Garner, President | The Institute for Global Outreach Development International
Overview: Traditions to trends typically inform the spectrum of consideration for the development of communities, organizations, and the church. And while Christians acknowledge the authority of Scripture, the use of the biblical text is often on the tail end of an initiative as either a quick word study and associative connection or a mere proof text. If Jesus didn’t come to abolish the scriptures (Hebrew/OT) but to fulfill them, citing their relevance and sustainability beyond the created order (Matthew 5:17,18), then shouldn’t those words be the impetus for any initiative, program, paradigm, and any other modality of Christian institution?

  • Learn why Scripture must inform organizational initiatives for sustainability
  • Understand the potential danger of an organizational culture built exclusively on traditions or trends
  • Discover what a biblical blueprint for community building looks like



Overview: Discuss the most pressing academic issues you are facing with both the panel of presenters and attendee affinity groups. Create a draft of your Personal Action Plan on the most significant and urgent issues you should address following the conference.

Conference Faculty

Paul Alexander


Trinity Bible College &
Graduate School

Matt Ayers


Wesley Biblical Seminary

Bill Blocker


College of Biblical Studies-Houston

Gregg Garner


The Institute for G.O.D.

Matthew Pinson


Welch College

Frequently Asked Questions

Is lodging included in the registration fee?
YES, for on-site attendees2 nights, including arrival the evening before the conference begins.
Can I request for additional hotel nights?
YES The ABHE group rate is $120/night.  You can qualify for our group rate three days prior and three days post conference.  You can request and pay for your additional hotel nights during the registration process.  All reservations must be made and managed by the ABHE office as it is part of a group reservation.  This includes changes to existing reservations.  Email with any questions or updates to existing reservations.
Is airport shuttle service available?
YES! Complimentary shuttle service is available from the Orlando International Airport (MCO). To request the complimentary shuttle to the Hilton Garden Inn:

  • Call the hotel for shuttle pickup – 407-240-3725
  • Take airport elevator to level 1 – ground transportation
  • Go through the sliding doors
  • Stand at either A4 (A Side) or B4 (B Side) for pickup
Where is the hotel located in relation to the ABHE Conference Center?
The Hilton Garden Inn is directly across the street from the ABHE Weber Center (located in the Citadel I Building – Suite 130).
Are meals included in the registration fee?
YES for on-site attendees, including 6 meals and all snacks/beverages.
Are scholarships available?
YES for on-site attendees – limited scholarships are available.  Please email your request to with an explanation of your financial need.
What is your Cancellation Policy?
In the event of either virtual or on-site registration cancellation, fees paid in advance are refundable – less a $50.00 service charge per person, provided written notice is received by ABHE no later than three weeks prior to the event. No refunds will be granted after that date. E-mail notification will suffice. Please e-mail to request a refund. There are no refunds provided for no-shows.
How do I CANCEL a person on my registration?
You may log back into your registration form at any time with your confirmation number to make any cancellations, or contact to have your registration cancelled.
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Growing institutions are led by growing leaders. Consider engaging in the Executive Training Program specifically designed for Presidents in ABHE. Delivered over two years including over 36 workshop presentations in seven areas of leadership competency and capacity. You can review the certification program details HERE. Enroll in the program today!

Questions regarding the certification program can be directed to David Medders, Executive Vice President.

Hilton Garden InnFor those attending the Conference On-Site, the ABHE staff will make a hotel reservation for you. Please indicate your room type/preference when you register for the conference.
Hilton Garden Inn – Orlando Airport
7300 Augusta National Drive Orlando, FL 32822
(407) 240-3725

The Hilton Garden Inn is located 1 mile from the Orlando International Airport.


To request the complimentary shuttle service:

  • Call the hotel for shuttle pickup – (407) 240-3725
  • Take airport elevator to level 1 – ground transportation
  • Go through the sliding doors
  • Stand at either A4 (A Side) or B4 (B Side) for pickup

Conference Staff

David MeddersDavid Medders
Executive Vice President



Carol DibbleCarol Dibble
Chief of Staff & Director of Communications



Darby BlanchardDarby Blanchard
Digital & Administrative Services Coordinator