Advancement Leaders Executive Training & Certification

Growing Leaders for a Growing Movement

Can anything match the challenge, the pressure, and the potential of resource development for institutions of biblical higher education? The greater the vision, the greater the need, and courageous fundraisers step into the gap to see dreams come true.

Advancement Leaders Training Program Curriculum

The seven areas of training outlined below form the structure for this executive training program, specifically designed to prepare Advancement Officers to serve with greater competency and expanded capacity. The bullets under each section identify the various presentations that will be offered over a two year cycle, delivered during Fall conferences and the Annual Meetings – a total of over 35 different workshops as part of the training program.


Advancement Leader Role & Responsibilities

  • The Essential Characteristics of an Effective Advancement Officer
  • Advancement Practices that Breed Success
  • Leading from the 2nd Chair – Advancement Officer’s Boundaries & Initiatives
  • Embracing the Resource Development Role of the Institution
  • Framing the Work of Advancement
  • Sustainability Secrets for a Road Warrior


Biblical Foundations of Stewardship

  • Generosity & the Character of Christ
  • Owner or Steward – a Powerful Paradigm Shift
  • The Fundraising Joy of a Steward Leader
  • Stewardship – A Biblical Foundation for Advancement Ministry


Annual Fund Design and Execution

  • Understanding the Annual Fund Design & Strategy
  • The Secrets and Essentials of Effective Fundraising Events
  • Planning the Annual Calendar and Assigning Responsibilities
  • Donor Research – Mining Important Data from Donor Records & Research
  • The Role & Potential of Volunteers
  • Increasing Your Power of Annual Fund Execution
  • Setting & Achieving Annual Fund Goals
  • Reporting Data & Telling the Story


Advancement & Presidential Partnership

  • Presidential Engagement in Resource Development – Seizing the Potential
  • The Synergy of a Strong Advancement Officer & Presidential Partnership
  • Partnership Patterns that Work & Mistakes to Avoid
  • What the President Needs to Know About Donors & Fundraising
  • Engaging the Board & Other Institutional Leaders


Effective Communications & Marketing

  • The Art and Science of Writing a Compelling Case Statement
  • Creatively Telling the Institutional Story – Mission & Students
  • Effective and Meaningful Donor Appreciation
  • Social Media Skills & Trends
  • Website Design to Support Fundraising
  • Donor Software – Selection, Maintenance & Deliverables


Donor Relations & Major Donor Development

  • Understanding the Mind & Heart of a Donor
  • The Making of an Effective Ask – Closing the Invitation
  • Creative Tips for Building Extraordinary Donor Relationships
  • Acquisition & Cultivation of Major Donors
  • Moves Management – The Art & Science
  • An Effective Strategy for Planned Giving Engagement 
  • Understanding & Tapping the World of Foundation Grants


Capital Campaigns & Major Projects

  • Conducting a Capital Campaign Readiness Audit – Knowing When You’re Ready
  • Understanding the Design and Flow of a Capital Campaign – Getting It Right
  • Conducting an Effective Feasibility Study – Why & How
  • Planning & Executing an Effective Capital Campaign – Doing It Well
  • Selecting Professional Assistance – When & How
  • Campaign Staffing for Success – Paid & Volunteer
  • Campaign Risks & Rewards – Mistakes to Avoid

Executive Training and Certification Program


  • $100

100 Points Required to Complete the Certification Program 

  • Program to be delivered over two years
  • May be entered into at any time
  • Total of 4 events to include 8 presentations during each 2-Day Conference/Annual Meeting
  • Total of 32 presentations plus other electives during Annual Meeting
  • 1 1/2 Day Training Conference – Onsite – 15 points | Virtual 10 points
  • 2-Day Training Conference – Onsite – 20 points | Virtual 15 points
  • 2-Day Training [Thursday & Friday] During Annual Meeting – 20 points 
  • 1-Day Training During Annual Meeting Wednesday Forum – 10 points 
  • Personal Assessment and Development Plan – 10 points 
  • Personal Engagement in Position for 3 years and supervisor evaluation – 10 points

Program Coordinators

David MeddersDavid Medders
Executive Vice President