Enrollment Leaders Executive Training & Certification

Growing Leaders for a Growing Movement

Without an effective strategy for growing enrollment, an institution’s future is threatened, viability is questioned & mission fulfillment is fading. Learn how to develop an effective plan and execute the block and tackle functions that growing institutions consistently make happen.

Enrollment Officers Training Program Curriculum

The seven areas of training outlined below form the structure for this executive training program, specifically designed to prepare Enrollment Officers to serve with greater competency and expanded capacity. The bullets under each section identify the various presentations that will be offered over a two year cycle, delivered during Fall conferences and the Annual Meetings – a total of over 35 different workshops as part of the training program.


Enrollment Officer Role & Responsibilities

  • The Essential Characteristics of an Effective Enrollment Officer
  • Building & Leading a High Performance Admissions Team
  • Enrollment Officer Habits that Breed Success
  • Managing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for Enrollment Growth
  • Goal-Setting & Reporting – What & When
  • Enrollment Ministry – Understanding the Call & Ministry
  • Effective Management of Financial Aid & Institutional Discounting


Building & Leading an Effective Admissions Team

  • The Profile of a Successful Admissions Associate
  • Building & Managing the Market Pool Flow Chart
  • Setting Enrollment Goals & Managing the Admissions to Enrollment Funnel
  • Enrollment Strategy & Goals
  • Maximizing Enrollment Results with Minimum Resources
  • Using Key Performance Indicators for Enrollment Growth
  • Motivating Enrollment Leaders for Extraordinary Results
  • Building a Network of Enrollment Influencers


Dynamics of Institutional Growth

  • Conducting a Campus Enrollment Growth Audit
  • Understanding Issues of Affordability & Value
  • Creating Academic Programs that Students Want
  • Cultivating an Enrollment-Friendly Campus Culture
  • Engaging Faculty for Enrollment Growth
  • Creating & Managing an Effective Campus Visit Program


Enrollment & Presidential Partnership

  • Presidential Engagement in Enrollment Growth
  • Synergy of the President & Enrollment Officer
  • Presidential Championship of Enrollment Growth Issues
  • Reality Check – What the President Needs to Know About Enrollment & When


Marketing & Communications

  • Building an Effective Enrollment Growth Website
  • Effective Use of Social Media for Enrollment Growth
  • Understanding Marketing Principles Including Inbound/Content Marketing
  • Creating & Managing an Effective Communications Flow for Enrollment Growth
  • Grasping the Extraordinary Potential of the Effective Use of a CRM
  • Engaging Influencers for Enrollment Growth


Principles of Data Analysis and Evaluation

  • Practical Plans for Tracking the Right Enrollment Data
  • Mining Institutional Data for Actionable Information
  • Effective Use of Lagging & Leading Indicators
  • Data Analysis & Predictive Modeling
  • Benchmarking & Understanding The Cost to Recruit a Student


Retention Principles & Practices

  • Recruiting Mission-Fit Students
  • Engaging the Campus for Student Success
  • Effective Strategies for Retention Improvement
  • Trouble-Shooting Retention Killers

Executive Training and Certification Program


  • $100

100 Points Required to Complete the Certification Program 

  • Program to be delivered over two years
  • May be entered into at any time
  • Total of 4 events to include 8 presentations during each 2-Day Conference/Annual Meeting
  • Total of 32 presentations plus other electives during Annual Meeting
  • 1 1/2 Day Training Conference – Onsite – 15 points | Virtual 10 points
  • 2-Day Training Conference – Onsite – 20 points | Virtual 15 points
  • 2-Day Training [Thursday & Friday] During Annual Meeting – 20 points 
  • 1-Day Training During Annual Meeting Wednesday Forum – 10 points 
  • Personal Assessment and Development Plan – 10 points 
  • Personal Engagement in Position for 3 years and supervisor evaluation – 10 points

Program Coordinators

David MeddersDavid Medders
Executive Vice President



Darby BlanchardDarby Blanchard
Digital & Administrative Services Coordinator