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Early Bird Deadline: September 1, 2020

Members & Affiliates (On-Site): $450 per person ($400 Early Bird)
Members & Affiliates (Virtual Via Zoom): $150
Non-Members (On-Site): $650 per person ($600 Early Bird)
Non-Members (Virtual Via Zoom): $300


Virtual Pricing Includes:

Full engagement in two-day program, including Q&A
Access to video recordings of presentations post-conference
Access to all conference resources


On-Site Pricing Includes:

Full engagement in two-day program, including Q&A
Networking/Fellowship with attendees & presenters
Access to video recordings of presentations post-conference
Three night’s lodging at the nearby SpringHill Suites by Marriott
7 meals & refreshments
Access to all conference resources

Program Overview

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Employee Relations & Regulations During Crisis
Presenter: Mark Griffin, CEO – In His Name, HR (PA)
Overview: For the HR issues of many ABHE institutions, the buck stops at the CFO’s desk. During a crisis, this demands a new level of employee care and understanding. What are the options, implications and regulations for employees? How can an institution best adjust the payroll part of their budget while honoring their staff? Consider:

  • Reviewing the range for employee relations termination, furlough, etc. options
  • Understanding the impact of communications and process respect & honor
  • Knowing the risks and rewards of government payroll assistance opportunities
  • Planning well and minimizing surprises thinking ahead

Prudent Use of Government Assistance
Presenter: Dave Moja, CEO – Dave Moja & Company (GA)
Overview: The pandemic crisis has unleashed an unprecedented level of government financial assistance giving the potential of reprieve from financial exigency. But is receiving all government money wise? What are the risks and what are we learning about potential incumbrances this may place on an institution? Consider:

  • Surveying the options of government assistance
  • Looking carefully at the rewards and risks of receiving government funds
  • Accounting for fund distributions in audits and to government
  • Missing the common mistakes cautions to heed

Leading an Institution Through Crisis
Presenter: Mark Maxwell, President – Prairie College (AB)
Perhaps never has there been a time for nimble financial oversight like this pandemic crisis. This is not the season for just a casual grasp of the audited financial statement – looking backward as you lead forward. Prudent presidents have a strategic plan for the relevant posting of important information that leads to timely decisions. Think through this process with a distinguished president whom God has gifted with wise financial oversight:

  • Creating a dashboard with vital strategic information relevant data
  • Establishing protocols for systematic review smart systems
  • Weaving scenario planning into budgeting multiple options
  • Having wise discernment, making prudent decisions proactive initiative

 The CFO’s Role & Responsibilities to the Board – Especially During Crisis
Fred Johnson, CEO/CPA – Telecom Communications; Former ABHE Commission Member (AL)
Overview: Tracking numbers is the story of a CFO’s life; it’s our stock and trade. But during a crisis, knowing the right numbers to watch and understanding what they mean is essential . . . it’s priceless. Consider the essential data that comprises institutional financial intelligence during crisis with a distinguished CFO/CEO, including:

  • Watching the right numbers and knowing why they’re important
  • Relating crisis-related decisions to crucial changes in numbers
  • Fitting the numbers together into a cohesive financial picture
  • Knowing what lines to not cross and where financial danger lies

The CFO’s Role & Responsibilities During Crisis
: Jeff Spear, CEO – CFO Colleague (FL)
Overview: Nothing tests the leadership team, and particularly the CFO, like a crisis. Relevant information; particularly related to forecasting, is critical, along with a variety of driving activity metrics. Building consensus with a solid foundation of data can lead to prudent decisions. What changes in the normal functions of a CFO during crisis? How does the CFO serve the board and leadership team through uncharted waters? Including:

  • Re-thinking the schedule and nature of financial reports
  • Considering key points of strategic financial analysis
  • Sharpening your skill to interpret the numbers
  • Creating nimble forecasts within realistic budgets

Strategic Planning & Business Model Implications During Crisis
Matt Kelly, CFO — Association for Biblical Higher Education (FL)
Overview: Most if not all executive teams are planning for major budget adjustments for the Fall.  All leaders are on high alert. Beyond vital data and prudent decisions, a wise CFO is carefully monitoring the impact of decisions on strategic planning and the institutional business model. Consider:

  • Reviewing the assumptions within a sustainable business model
  • Tracking budget changes and projections related to institutional viability
  • Measuring risk levels commensurate with decisions & assumptions — the what if’s
  • Keeping track of the bottom line

Effective Financial Management of Online Education
Shirley Cadle — Nazarene Bible College (KS)
Overview: This Spring witnessed a massive shift to online education across the Association thanks to the pandemic. This creates unique challenges for the CFO to astutely manage this unique delivery model. What should you know about the distinctive challenges of the financial management of online education? Consider important principles and lessons from a seasoned CFO with long-term experience in the effective management of online education:

  • Defining the key financial metrics of online education — essential data
  • Understanding the nuances and variables of selling online courses — revenues & expenses
  • Building an effective budget for online course delivery — net profitability
  • Monitoring reality — timely statistics and reports

The Art & Science of Financial Scenario Planning
Jan Haas, Partner — CFO Colleague (PA)
Overview: In the tumult of the current higher education climate, increasingly leadership teams are engaged in scenario planning – scripting multiple options for enrollment, tuition discounting, competitive challenges, new program initiatives in addition to the implications of a pandemic. What does this look like in the CFO’s role, especially for budget preparation and management? Consider key components and benefits of scenario planning . . . including:

  • Understanding the basics of scenario planning — getting started
  • Confirming the assumptions for various scenario options — triggers
  • Thinking through the implications of various scenarios — pivots
  • Managing the moving pieces of scenario planning — oversight

Conference Faculty

Scott Boyer


CPA/ABHE Commission Member
VP for Finance
Nazarene Bible College

Mark Griffin



Keith Mock


CFO Colleague

Fred Johnson


Former ABHE Commissioner
Telecom Communications

Matt Kelly



Mark Maxwell


Prairie College

Dave Moja


Moja & Company

Jeff Spear


CFO Colleague

Frequently Asked Questions

Is lodging included in the registration fee?
YES, for on-site attendees3 nights, including arrival the evening before the conference begins.
Can I request for additional hotel nights?
YES The ABHE group rate is $115/night.  You can qualify for our group rate three days prior and three days post conference.  You can request and pay for your additional hotel nights during the registration process.  All reservations must be made and managed by the ABHE office as it is part of a group reservation.  This includes changes to existing reservations.  Email with any questions or updates to existing reservations.
Is airport shuttle service available?
YES! Complimentary shuttle service is available from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) to the SpringHill Suites. To request the complimentary shuttle from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) to the SpringHill Suites:

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The ABHE Weber Center is located in the Citadel I Building, less than a mile away from the Orlando International Airport and a short walk from the SpringHill Suites by Marriott. Complimentary shuttle service is available from the hotel to the conference center.
Are meals included in the registration fee?
YES for on-site attendees, including 7 meals and all snacks/beverages.
Are scholarships available?
YES for on-site attendees – limited scholarships are available.  Please email your request to with an explanation of your financial need.
What is your Cancellation Policy?
In the event of either virtual or on-site registration cancellation, fees paid in advance are refundable – less a $50.00 service charge per person, provided written notice is received by ABHE no later than three weeks prior to the event. No refunds will be granted after that date. E-mail notification will suffice. Please e-mail to request a refund. There are no refunds provided for no-shows.
How do I CANCEL a person on my registration?
You may log back into your registration form at any time with your confirmation number to make any cancellations, or contact to have your registration cancelled.

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