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Weber Center for Leadership Development

The Weber Center for Leadership Development is part of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), a North American agency comprising of approximately 200 postsecondary institutions throughout North America specializing in biblical ministry formation and professional leadership education.


Why consider the Weber Center at ABHE as a site for your next event or meeting?

Explore the option of meeting at ABHE. ABHE can offer your group a quality conference at an affordable price. ABHE offers a facility that is ideal for conferences, workshops, meetings, and receptions throughout the year for groups of 10 to 100 people, depending upon setup requirements.

  • a stimulating educational setting
  • professional staff to assist in planning and implementing your program
  • competitive, affordable prices
  • top-notch audio-visual equipment available
  • Free WiFi
  • attractive and accessible office facility
  • an opportunity to “get away” without traveling a long distance


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