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Early Bird Deadline: September 1, 2021

Members (On-Site): $475 per person ($425 Early Bird)
Members (Virtual Via Zoom): $150
Non-Members (On-Site): $675 per person ($625 Early Bird)
Non-Members (Virtual Via Zoom): $300


Virtual Pricing Includes:

Full engagement in two-day program, including Q&A
Access to video recordings of presentations post-conference
Access to all conference resources


On-Site Pricing Includes:

Full engagement in two-day program, including Q&A
Networking/Fellowship with attendees & presenters
Access to video recordings of presentations post-conference
Three night’s lodging at the nearby Hilton Garden Inn
7 meals & refreshments
Access to all conference resources

Program Overview


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Conference Overview An intensive two-day training on the art and science of effective enrollment management. Designed for all levels of staff including president, enrollment leaders, and admissions support staff – this “how-to” conference will help you develop and strengthen your enrollment strategy and outline key elements for effective execution at all levels. From high level strategy and marketing to daily block and tackle essentials, sharpen the edge of your enrollment efforts and take your team to the next level.

Presenter: Tim Fuller, Founder – Fuller Higher Education Solutions; ABHE Sr. Fellow (IN)
Overview: As institutions recover from the pandemic and enter a new normal, what does the enrollment data for Fall 2021 teach us? How should you be adjusting your admissions strategy in light of what’s emerging? What’s likely ahead. Consider:

  • Emerging trends and crucial concerns to watch
  • Actionable intel
  • Cautions to consider
  • Timeless practices & principles to remember

Presenter: Heather Shalley, VP & Dean of Enrollment Services — Moody Bible Institute (IL)
Overview: Creative, consistent communications — perhaps the most misunderstood and poorly executed part of a successful enrollment strategy. Recruiting at its heart is a relational enterprise — and relationships are nourished by consistent and effective communications. Learn how growing institutions create and manage a meaningful communications flow that effectively engages prospective students throughout the entire admissions funnel. See how this communications plan interfaces with the marketing strategy, website, and social media, including . . .

  • Essential principles of an effective communications strategy
  • The vital role of timely and consistent communications through the right channels
  • The price institutions pay for poor communications
  • Creative communications ideas that stand out
  • Integrating your overall marketing efforts with your communications strategy

Presenter: Bart Caylor, CEO — Caylor Solutions; ABHE Sr. Fellow (IN)
Overview: Regardless of the challenges of social media – you just can’t afford to be on the sidelines. Smart institutions are making social media a primary or vital part of their marketing strategy. Some are discovering the incredible ways this can amplify your message to markets you can’t penetrate any other way. So get engaged and get connected in ways that count.

  • Reviewing the social media world of educational institutions – it’s a high stakes game
  • Knowing principles that should guide you – for your own sake
  • Leveraging the power of social media – without it biting you
  • Being efficient is the key to making it work

Presenter: Dan Sanchez, Director of Audience Growth  — Sweet Fish Media (MN)
Overview: Consider the exceptional results from institutions that master the art of lead generation through digital marketing – a journey of remarkable growth. How can social media be such an effective tool? How can you find mission-fit students this way and effectively integrate this tool into your enrollment strategy?  Learn from an expert, including . . .

  • How social media works for lead generation
  • Getting organized and launched – understanding the steps
  • Integrating digital lead generation into the enrollment process
  • Essentials of effective leadership and oversight

Presenter: Jeremy Lord, Retired CEO — J.M. Lord & Assoc.; ABHE Sr. Fellow (MA)
Overview: Hundreds of wonderful men and women serve on the enrollment teams of our 154 ABHE institutions. Scores of these are reasonably effective. However, a much smaller number rise to the top and produce extraordinary results. What makes the difference and what should we learn from them? From working with over 200 institutions, consider what Jeremy has learned about . . .

  • Getting the right mix of temperament, ability, and discipline
  • What extraordinary enrollment leaders understand about academic sales
  • Being organized and disciplined for results, not just effort
  • Embracing a career of highly effective enrollment leadership – the long view

Presenter: Erin Ostling Burkholder, VP Learning & Development — Inroads Analytics (IN)
Overview: A skill set often missing in the typical admissions department across ABHE is the basic principles of strategic academic sales. The skills of active listening, opportunity identification and persuasive communication can be lost in the compulsion of talking about institutional programs and life. Cultivate your team’s effectiveness by training them to be strategic sellers, including . . .

  • Creating the right context for effective sales conversations
  • Understanding the emotional dynamics of academic sales
  • Skillfully leading students through the enrollment decision process

Presenter: Keith Mock, VP; Enrollment Marketing Consulting — Liaison International (AL)
Overview: Does your institution have a carefully crafted strategy for the prudent use of precious financial aid dollars? How do you leverage financial aid for enrollment growth, for attracting the best or most needy, mission-fit students?

  • Understanding how financial aid stretches enrollment growth dollars
  • Weaving financial aid into an effective enrollment strategy
  • Building team synergy between financial aid and recruiting
  • Making financial aid a student/parents-friendly service

Presenter: Eric Currie, Associate VP/Enrollment Management — Asbury Theological Seminary (KY)
Overview: Traditional student demographics are changing. Generational educational goals are shifting. What are the lingering impacts from the pandemic? Financial aid is tight. Changing educational delivery models are expanding options. Competition is fierce. So, what are future realities enrollment leaders should plan for in biblical higher education?

  • Survey the shifts in higher education
  • Understand the changes in the prospective student market
  • Emerging shifts in the educational admissions process
  • Insights for enrollment leaders to consider

Conference Faculty

Erin Burkholder


VP/Learning & Development
Inroads Analytics

Scott Boyer


CEO & Marketing Specialist Caylor Solutions

Scott Boyer


Vice President of Sales

Scott Boyer


ABHE Senior Fellow
Fuller Higher Ed Solutions

Scott Boyer


ABHE Senior Fellow
Retired CEO
J.M. Lord & Associates

Keith Mock


Associate VP
Enrollment Marketing Consulting
 Liaison International

Dan Sanchez


Director/Audience Growth
Sweet Fish Media

Heather Shalley


Dean/Enrollment Services
Moody Bible Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

Is lodging included in the registration fee?
YES, for on-site attendees3 nights, including arrival the evening before the conference begins.
Can I request for additional hotel nights?
YES The ABHE group rate is $110/night.  You can qualify for our group rate three days prior and three days post conference.  You can request and pay for your additional hotel nights during the registration process.  All reservations must be made and managed by the ABHE office as it is part of a group reservation.  This includes changes to existing reservations.  Email with any questions or updates to existing reservations.
Is airport shuttle service available?
YES! Complimentary shuttle service is available from the Orlando International Airport (MCO). To request the complimentary shuttle to the Hilton Garden Inn:

  • Call the hotel for shuttle pickup – 407-240-3725
  • Take airport elevator to level 1 – ground transportation
  • Go through the sliding doors
  • Stand at either A4 (A Side) or B4 (B Side) for pickup
Where is the hotel located in relation to the ABHE Conference Center?
The Hilton Garden Inn is directly across the street from the ABHE Weber Center (located in the Citadel I Building – Suite 130).
Are meals included in the registration fee?
YES for on-site attendees, including 7 meals and all snacks/beverages.
Are scholarships available?
YES for on-site attendees – limited scholarships are available.  Please email your request to with an explanation of your financial need.
What is your Cancellation Policy?
In the event of either virtual or on-site registration cancellation, fees paid in advance are refundable – less a $50.00 service charge per person, provided written notice is received by ABHE no later than three weeks prior to the event. No refunds will be granted after that date. E-mail notification will suffice. Please e-mail to request a refund. There are no refunds provided for no-shows.
How do I CANCEL a person on my registration?
You may log back into your registration form at any time with your confirmation number to make any cancellations, or contact to have your registration cancelled.
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Growing institutions are led by growing leaders. Consider engaging in the Executive Training Program specifically designed for enrollment leaders in ABHE. Delivered over two years including over 36 workshop presentations in seven areas of leadership competency and capacity. You can review the certification program details HERE. Enroll in the program today!

Questions regarding the certification program can be directed to David Medders, Executive Vice President.

Hilton Garden InnFor those attending the Enrollment Conference On-Site, the ABHE staff will make a hotel reservation for you.

Hilton Garden Inn – Orlando Airport
7300 Augusta National Drive
Orlando, FL 32822
(407) 240-3725


The Hilton Garden Inn is located 1 mile from the Orlando International Airport. The ABHE staff will make your hotel reservations for you.  Please indicate your room type/preference when you register for the conference.

Complimentary shuttle service is available from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) to the Hilton Garden Inn. To request the complimentary shuttle service:

  • Call the hotel for shuttle pickup – 407-240-3725
  • Take airport elevator to level 1 – ground transportation
  • Go through the sliding doors
  • Stand at either A4 (A Side) or B4 (B Side) for pickup

Conference Staff

David MeddersDavid Medders
Executive Vice President



Carol Dibble
Director of Communications & Events



Darby BlanchardDarby Blanchard
Digital & Administrative Services Coordinator