James Barnes Senior Fellow

James Barnes
Senior Fellow

Dr. Jim Barnes spent 37 years serving four different evangelical Christian colleges and universities in various roles including professor, division chairman, Dean of Academic Development, Vice President for Academic Affairs at two different institutions, and...
Tim Fuller Senior Fellow

Tim Fuller
Senior Fellow

Tim Fuller brings subject-area expertise to enrollment, research, and strategic planning. He has been in higher education and consulting since 1980. Fuller Higher Ed Solutions, founded in June 2020, grows out of Tim’s deep love for and experience with Christian...
Todd Hall Senior Fellow

Todd Hall
Senior Fellow

Dr. Todd Hall earned M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in clinical psychology from Biola University. He also completed an M.A. degree and doctoral specialization in measurement and psychometrics from U.C.L.A. Dr. Hall joined the faculty at Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola...
Steve Henderson Senior Fellow

Steve Henderson
Senior Fellow

Dr. Steve Henderson is the founder and President of Christian Consulting for Colleges and Ministries, Inc. (better known as Christian Consulting). With a passion for Christian higher education as well as outstanding experience in private and public college marketing,...
David Kinnaman Senior Fellow

David Kinnaman
Senior Fellow

David Kinnaman is the president and majority owner of Barna Group, a visionary research and resource company located in Ventura, California. David joined Barna Group in 1995 as an intern. Since joining George Barna’s team, David has designed and analyzed hundreds of...