Membership with ABHE


ABHE offers three categories of membership: Commission on Accreditation Membership; Associate Membership; Affiliate Membership.

Commission on Accreditation (COA) Membership is extended to institutions upon whom ABHE’s Commission on Accreditation has acted to confer Accredited or Candidate (preaccredited) Status. COA Applicant status is a non-member classification granted to qualifying institutions that, having met the Commission’s Conditions of Eligibility, are actively pursuing accreditation.

 Associate Membership is extended to:

  • Accredited members of the Association of Christian Schools International based upon a reciprocal partnership that includes ABHE’s official review and co-endorsement of ACSI accreditation standards. Associates include ACSI-accredited EE-12 schools and institutions offering ACSI-approved Christian postsecondary teacher education programs.
  • Christian postsecondary institutions accredited by a recognized US Department of Education (USDE)-recognized or Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)-recognized accrediting agency that elect to formally associate with ABHE.
  • Christian postsecondary institutions that are members of Christian Higher Education Canada (CHEC) which elect ABHEAssociate Membership.

Affiliate Membership may be extended to:

  • Credible institutions of biblical higher education that do not hold accreditation by a USDE- or CHEA-recognized accrediting agency. Affiliate members must affirm ABHE’s Tenets of Faith, be licensed (or exempted) by the appropriate state or provincial higher education authority, conform to disclosure restrictions relative to non-recognized accreditation, and be vouched for by an accredited ABHE Commission on Accreditation Member institution.

Individuals not currently employed or otherwise formally connected with an ABHE member institution may elect to affiliate with ABHE as an expression of their solidarity with and support of ABHE’s mission and goals and as a means of professional development and association.