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Faculty LIFE (NJ)

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Dr. Al Ottley

Academic Dean, Pillar College

FacultyLifeLearning Institute for Faculty Excellence (LIFE)

The ABHE Faculty LIFE program is designed to provide faculty with comprehensive training to enrich their understanding of biblical higher education distinctives and enhance instructional capacity. Participants will learn to balance theory and praxis as the program focuses on four specific areas: Christian worldview, biblical higher education distinctives, leadership development, and post-secondary teaching and learning.

The four foci will be engaged through an assortment of readings, directed contemplation, and dialogue with fellow learners over a 2-3-day workshop.  Participants engage in collaborative learning with peers under the guidance of experienced facilitators who have extensive understanding of and experience in biblical higher education leadership and instruction. The workshop format is designed to facilitate application of program content to personal and institutional contexts.


Introduction to Biblical Higher Education

  • The historic roots of biblical higher education, out of which contemporary biblical higher education institutions and networks have emerged, with special attention to such factors as monastic and scholastic frameworks, revival movements, student missions mobilizations.
  • The particular basis, purposes, participants, stakeholders and outcomes that make biblical higher education distinctly biblical.
  • The praxis of biblical education, including the role of the Holy Spirit, the function of the teacher, and the work of the student.

World View

  • The historical development of the “worldview” conversation and its importance and relevance to biblical higher education institutions.
  • Recognition of the idiosyncratic nature of world view relative to individual and institutional doctrinal distinctions.Discerning the extent to which specific educational processes may facilitate or hinder development of biblical world view.

College Teaching

  • A biblical perspective of teaching, including the role of the Holy Spirit in the teaching and learning process and the example of Christ as the “Master Teacher.”
  • The critical role of active learning in transformational teaching.
  • Guidance in comprehensive course design, including appropriate learning assessment.

Leadership Development

  • The influence of the implicit curriculum upon leadership development in biblical higher education institutions.
  • Principles of biblical leadership and the creation of theoretical and practical models of biblical leadership formation.
  • The role of the course and the classroom within institution-wide efforts to facilitate leadership development.


Upon completion of the program, successful participants will have …

  • Articulated a biblical philosophy of higher education congruent with and reflective of biblical higher education distinctives.
  • Demonstrated excellence in course development, reflecting understanding of learning theory, design, pedagogy, and assessment.
  • Formulated principles and processes to assist students in developing a distinctly Christian worldview.
  • Engaged, assessed, and applied current and historic literature on biblical higher education, worldview development, and intentional leadership growth relative to their academic discipline.
  • Demonstrated an understanding of the relationship between instructional dispositions and practices (the implicit curriculum) and the goal of student leadership development.
  • Enhanced their capacity to contribute to their institution’s educational mission achievement through teaching excellence, curricular assessment and educational improvement.



  • Engaged with the biblical text
  • Balanced between theory and praxis
  • Enriching collaboration
  • Active learning