Executive Coaching



Building Presidential Excellence Through Senior Mentoring Partnerships

Introducing the Coaching Staff

(L-R) Dr. Jim Barnes, President Emeritus, Indiana Wesleyan University

Dr. Sherrill Babb, President Emeritus, Cairn University

Dr. Larry McKinney, President Emeritus, Simpson University

Dr. James Barnes
Dr. Sherrill Babb
Dr. Larry McKinney


To enhance and enrich the leadership impact of ABHE presidents through a one-on one Executive Coaching journey that engages current presidents with high-capacity veteran presidents for a one or two-year mentoring partnership


Coach Selection: A president selects his/her preferred mentor from the recommended team of ABHE Executive Coaches. These include:

  • Dr. Jim Barnes, Knoxville, TN
  • Dr. Sherrill Babb, Asheville, NC
  • Dr. Larry McKinney, Orlando, FL

Initial Visit

The program would began with an initial campus visit by the executive coach to meet with the president and other groups deemed prudent such as the president’s cabinet, board chair, faculty, etc.   The primary purpose of this initial one or two-day visit is to provide a contextualization for future conversations. This would include an overview of the current status of the institution, review of the strategic plan and SWOT analysis, and major desired outcomes of the mentoring journey.

Monthly Meetings

The president and executive coach agree upon the start and end dates for the first year of coaching and set a tentative schedule of monthly phone meetings.

Meeting Planning

At least two weeks prior to each monthly phone meeting, the president would provide his/her coach with a discussion outline including notes on most important issues, ideas, problems, and initiatives to be discussed.

Phone Contact

The president may contact the coach for counsel anytime between meetings to discuss urgent issues that may arise.

Final Debriefing

At the annual close of the coaching journey, the president and executive coach will meet again, preferably in Orlando, Fl with the program advisor and ABHE VP, David Medders, to review major areas of personal and professional growth and provide a comprehensive evaluation of the Executive Coaching Journey. The final debriefing may coincide with other ABHE events held in Orlando to minimize travel costs.

Cost & Payment

The cost for the ABHE Executive Coaching program is $5,000 per year. In addition, the institution would pay for travel expenses for the campus visit and final debriefing. Payments would be paid directly to the Executive Coach and per a mutually agreed upon payment schedule.  Limited scholarships are available.


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