Certified Enrollment Professional (CEP)


You make known to me the path of life … Psalm 16:11



CEP Certification Program

Every flourishing institution of biblical higher education is served by an effective enrollment leadership team. This is, by nature, essential to the fulfillment of any school’s mission. To strengthen all of our institutions, ABHE is committed to sharpen the competency and expand the capacity of the key institutional leaders and staff who carry the enrollment services responsibilities for their respective institutions. To accomplish this goal, we are pleased to offer a dynamic program of leadership development for enrollment professionals—the Certified Enrollment Professional (CEP) program.


Program Overview

This high-caliber program is organized around seven core areas of knowledge and competency with an extensive curriculum that covers the full scope of enrollment management and the leadership qualities needed for highly-effective enrollment professionals. The total program includes 60 hours of instruction and is designed to be completed in three to five years. Certification is renewable and recognized with five-year recertification seals, based on completion of additional continuing education credits.


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  • Sharpen your professional competency and expand your leadership capacity in the field of enrollment management
  • Understand the theory, strategy, and best practices that serve as the foundation for highly effective enrollment leadership
  • Develop your philosophy of enrollment management within the framework of a biblical foundation and spiritual understanding of calling
    and our global gospel mandate
  • Strengthen your professional credibility in the field of enrollment management and marketing within the Christian higher education context
  • Gain peer recognition of your professional training and expertise
  • Expand your professional network of affinity ministry contacts


  • Enrollment in the CEP program
  • Three successful years of documented enrollment leadership experience in the Christian higher education arena based upon supervisory affirmation
  • 100 qualifying points earned from attending CEP or related training events
  • A total of at least 10 points earned in each of the seven core areas of CEP study

7 Required Areas of CEP Study

  • Integrating Enrollment Theory & Management
  • Building & Leading a High Performance Enrollment Team
  • Principles of Analysis & Evaluation
  • Foundations of Marketing
  • Principles of Affordability & Value
  • Building Relationships with Prospective Students & Influencers
  • Understanding Retention Strategy

CEP Credits

  • 15 Points are earned for each of the six, 10-hour core CEP workshops. Two options are offered as pre-conference training venues prior to each ABHE Annual Meeting; 15 points may be earned each year.
  • 2 Points are earned for each of the one-hour specialty CEP workshops offered during the ABHE Annual Meeting. Three workshops for a total of six points may be earned at each Annual Meeting. Twelve workshop options are offered each year.
  • 20 Points are earned for each two-day stand alone ABHE leadership development conference with a focus on enrollment leadership.
  • 20 Points maximum are offered for non-ABHE sponsored courses that are relevant to the field of enrollment management.
  • 10 Points will be credited for the successful completion of an accredited higher education degree in related disciplines such as: Bible, Theology, Ministry, Education, Business, Administration, Management, and Marketing; confirmed by official transcript.

CEP Enrollment

  • Complete the CEP Registration Form, and return it with your registration fee of $150.
  • The registration form and fee may also be processed online or in person at ABHE training events. This will cover all administrative costs for the program including the official record of your CEP credits and preparation of your gold-seal CEP certificate.
  • For information, contact David Medders, ABHE Executive Vice President, 407.456.4503.