Moore-StevePerhaps you are aware of the announcement we made at last February’s Annual Meeting that Steve Moore, former president and CEO of Missio Nexus, would be joining our ABHE team. Steve’s mandate is to create, lead, and seek to multiply leadership development opportunities for ABHE’s highest capacity students. This will leverage the collective strength of ABHE member institutions to shine a brighter light on the value of leadership service and elevate the dynamic of peer learning.

Steve has been working hard on the details of this student leadership initiative that’s coming together under the name nexleader, with the tag line, It’s your turn.

We are eager to see hundreds of ABHE students from dozens of member institutions deeply engaged, enriched, inspired, and networked to engender in the emerging generation passionate, authentic, and effective leadership for kingdom initiatives that accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Steve’s transition began in July, and his first day in the saddle was Monday, July 13th. We welcome your partnership in crafting and empowering this initiative so vital to our work in biblical higher education.