The ABHE Annual Report is a required submission by all ABHE member institutions including:

  • Institutions served by the Commission on Accreditation (applicant, candidate and accredited institutions)
  • Programmatically accredited institutions served by the Commission on Accreditation
  • Member institutions accredited by another recognized accrediting agency and not served by the ABHE Commission on Accreditation
  • Institutions served by the ABHE Commission on Accreditation have additional reports due on NOV 15, based on their status with the Commission, including financial Audit, Management letter and institution catalog – see the REPORT GUIDE

5 Forms to be submitted

The Annual Report consists of five sections – with relevant information to be supplied by the following departments:

  1. Admissions Statistics – from your admissions or enrollment management office – Submitted Online
  2. Enrollment, Faculty & Outcomes Statistics – from your registrar’s office – Submitted Online
  3. Library Usage Statistics – from the Library Director –  Submitted Online 
  4. Financial Statistics – from your business/finance office to be downloaded, completed and submitted to
  5. Tenets of Faith – to be downloaded, signed by the president, and submitted to
The online forms do not require a login or password. It is a designed to serve as a simple data collection instrument.



  • In each section, provide the name and contact information for the person responsible for submitting the form.
  • Submit only one form for each section per institution 
  • Online Forms – You may save your form before it is completed.  If you choose “Save and Resume Later,” the system will be provide a link, good for only 30 daysIf the provided link expires, you will have to enter your data from scratch on a new form.  If you do not use the same link that was provided, you will start a new blank form requiring re-entry of your data.
  • Before submission, review your report and if desired, print a copy for your reference. You will also receive a summary of your completed submission via email.
  • Finance Form – This is an Excel spreadsheet.  There are a number of automatically calculated fields based on the requested data. Please do not change the formulas
  • Finance Form – Canadian institutions should report in CDN $.
  • Thank you for carefully proofing your data. After submission, no changes can be made to your information without assistance from the ABHE staff.


Webinar Training – Mark Your Calendars Now!

We are hosting 3 training webinars to assist those responsible for completing the following sections of the Annual Report.  Presenters will explain definitions and rationale for data being requested, walking through the forms step by step. We strongly encourage persons who are to complete the various forms to attend their respective training webinar.


A Late Fee of $25 per business day will be applied to the following Annual Reports after November 15th

  • Admissions Statistics
  • Enrollment | Faculty | Outcomes Statistics
  • Library Usage Statistics
  • Financial Information
  • Tenets of Faith

Other Late Fees pertaining to reports due to the Commission on Accreditation – See the REPORT GUIDE