URGENT NOTICE: Institutions are reporting that there are some errors in how the new Annual Report form is calculating the financial data and scores.  We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion this has caused and are working to resolve these issues.  In response, all data related to the calculation of the Certified Financial Index have been removed: lines 101 – 106 plus lines 111 – 115.


Please complete the remaining financial data fields; we will test the calculation of your submitted DOE Composite Score and notify you if there is a discrepancy from the score you receive in the new Annual Report.  Please let us know if you have any questions. Address financial questions directly to our CFO, Matt Kelly; matt.kelly@abhe.org.


Again, we apologize for the confusion and inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


The new Annual Report reflects a major revision and reduction of requested information. The data being collected is now driven by Key Performance Indicators that should be the focus of institutional leaders.  In every instance, the information requested should be readily available from the various institutional departments noted below. Once we have received and compiled institutional reports, aggregate association-wide KPI data will be available to all ABHE institutions allowing for vital comparison and benchmarking – in an aggregate or segmented manner. We trust this will add significant value to your strategic leadership intelligence capability. I want to emphasize that your individual institutional data will be kept in strict confidence.

In order for this association KPI data to be complete and representative, this ABHE Annual Report is a required submission by all ABHE member institutions including:

  • Institutions accredited by the Commission on Accreditation (applicant, candidate and accredited institutions)
  • Programmatically accredited institutions
  • Member institutions accredited by other accrediting agencies
  1. The Annual Report consists of three sections– with relevant information to be supplied by the following departments:
    a) Admissions Statistics – from your Enrollment Department
    b) Enrollment, Faculty & Outcomes Statistics – from your Registrar’s Office
    c) Financial Statistics – from your Finance Office
  2. This form does not require a login and password. It is designed and tested to serve as a simple data collection instrument.
  3. There are a number of automatically calculated fields based on the requested data. This includes both the US Department of Education (DOE) Composite Score and the Certified Financial Index.
  4. Canadian institutions should report in CDN$.

Please note these simple directions:

  • In the first section, provide the name and contact information for the one person responsible for submitting the entire form.
  • All three data sections of the report must be completed before final submission.
  • You may save each section of the form as these are completed. The system will provide a link for accessing the form later.
  • The final step before submission is to review your report and if desired, print a copy for your reference.
  • Thank you for carefully proofing your data. After submission, no changes can be made to your information without assistance by the ABHE staff.
  • One report submission per institution.  Assign one person from your institution to be responsible for submitting the final report to avoid multiple submissions.
Institutions with COA Status


  • Complete Online Annual Report
  • The Annual Report is no longer provided through the COA Portal. All audits, catalogs, progress reports, and other required documentation due to the Commission should be emailed to coa@abhe.org. (The COA Portal is no longer active for uploading documents.)
  • See Report Guide for detail on deadlines