Evaluation Team Training

Evaluation Team Training

Welcome to ABHE Evaluation Team Training! All evaluators must complete the required training units prior to serving on a team. Complete training is offered on this website. We also offer refresher training prior to the Annual Conference in February. Evaluators must complete refresher training at least once every three years.

All evaluators must watch videos 1-5:

  • Unit 1: Eligibility
  • Unit 2: Preparing for a Visit
  • Unit 3: Keys to a Successful On-Campus Review
  • Unit 4: Reporting Findings
  • Unit 5: Evaluating Distance Education

To be eligible to serve in one of the following roles, you must watch the corresponding video:

  • Unit 6a: Administrative Evaluator
  • Unit 6b: Academic Evaluator
  • Unit 6c: Resources/Financial Evaluator
  • Unit 6d: Student Services Evaluator
  • Unit 6e: Library/Faculty Evaluator

Team Chairs must watch the video for Unit 7.

Evaluators to Graduate Institutions must watch the video for Unit 8.

For copies of the related presentations, handouts, or accompanying documents, contact coa@abhe.org.

When you have competed training, please notify coa@abhe.org as to which units you have completed.