2023 Annual Meeting Handouts

76th Annual Meeting | Rosen Plaza Hotel | Orlando, Florida


FEBRUARY 15-17, 2023


Plenary Address Video Presentations

Roger Parrott | Terrance Ford | Adam Wright | Steve Nichols
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Wednesday Forums

Thursday Morning Workshop

Swift, Rick – Cultivating a Relationally Healthy Campus Culture

Mock, Keith – Setting & Achieving the Right Enrollment Goals

Barnes, Jim – Safeguarding Your Institution Against Mission Drift

Parrott, Roger – Opportunity Planning – A Biblical Paradigm

Baylor, Greg – Navigating the Labyrinth of Current Legal Risks & Realities

Parle, Joe – The Bible and Ethnicity and Race for ABHE

Hale, Dale – Effectively Leading a Remote Workforce

Munday, Terry – Building Your Annual Fund – The Bread & Butter of Your Advancement Strategy

Wolgemuth, Steve – The Role of the President in Institutional Marketing

Fuller, Tim – Understanding the Implications of Current & Coming Enrollment Realities

Starks, Janet – Discussion Forum on Standards 4

Phillips, Elaine – The Self-Study Process

Beatty, Lisa & Jackson, Michael – Communicating Outcomes to the Public

Fera, Scott – Top 5 Employment Legal Issues Bible Colleges are Facing & How to Handle Them

O’Bold, Jim – How to Enhance Your Employees’ Financial Package without Increasing the Budget

Thursday Afternoon Workshops

Cawood, Scott – Insight & Implications of the Title IX Update

Bish, Kevin – Creating a High-Performance Enrollment Team

Derry, John – Monitoring Institutional Health – KPI’s Every Board Should Consider

Staub, John – Navigating Your Team Through Change – Without Loosing Them

Teague, Peter & Kiedis, Tommy – Tales from Our Transition

Ruarte, Daniel – Retention Strategies that Work

Hester, Kevin – Leading Faculty to Fulfill their Life’s Calling

Layland, Brad – Strategic Planning & Fundraising – an Essential Marriage

McLaughlin, Pat – Essentials for an Effective Capital Campaign

Shalley, Heather –

Dunn, Jena – Discussion Forum on Standards 7 & 8

Wood, Shane – Comprehensive Review

Popp, Sheri – Reporting Assessment Data: Who Needs to Know What We Learned?

Moja, Dave – Understanding the World of US Regulations & Compliance

Tyler, Noah & Knottek, Donna – ABHE Bible Knowledge Exam – From Administration to Analytics

Friday Morning Workshops

Wood, Dan – Mission Possible: Athletics Serving Your Institutional Core Values

Caylor, Bart – What is the Metaverse and Why Should My College Care?

Gyertson, David – Keys to Successful Senior Leadership Transitions

Derry, John & Tapper, Mike – Creative Strategies for Challenging Times – From Closure to Collaboration & Merger

Blocker, Bill – Setting the Spiritual Temperature on Campus

Brewer, Robb – Speaking Soul Language – A Biblical Approach to Leadership

Schultze, Quentin – Teaching Faculty to Teach Well

Savage, John – From Scarcity To Abundance – Exploring the Biblical Foundations of Stewardship

Schmidt, Brandon – Getting the Most Out of Google – Without Spending a Dime

Currie, Eric – Scanning the Horizon – What’s the Future of HE Enrollment?

Linton, Greg – Discussion Forum on Standards 9, 10, & 11

Jackson, Michael – What’s New in the World of Accreditation Standards & Policies?

Yeats, John Mark – Managing Assessment Culture

Vandeventer, Clark – Adding Significance & Value to Your Major Donors

Griffin, Mark – Staying Abreast of Post-Pandemic HR Realities

Friday Afternoon Workshops

Giblett, Jamie – Creating Community with an Effective Campus Mobile App

Mock, Keith – Managing Financial Aid for Net Tuition Revenue – Not Just Discount Rate

Barnes, Jim – Finding the Right Leaders – Effective Principles for Board & Executive Recruitment

Church, David – Theory of Profound Knowledge  – A Theoretical Framework for Leader Development

Chasteen, Jon – Leading Through Organizational Disfunction

Howell, Dan – A Comprehensive Approach to Spiritual Formation of Students

Perkins, Clay – Tapping the Potential of Planned Giving – Start Now!

McLaughlin, Pat – Effective Presidential Engagement in Fundraising

Cook, Phil – Learning From the Best – Enrollment Lessons from Leading Christian Institutions

Hester, Kevin – Discussion Forum on Standards 1, 2 & 3

Beatty, Lisa – Engaging with a Proposed Policy on Diversity

Profitt, Aaron – Achieving ABHE Assessment Standards

Lapp, Jake – Demystifying Crypto Currency & Other Fundraising Best Practices

Campbell, Dan – Tapping the Potential of an Executive Sabbatical