2021 Annual Meeting Review

74th Annual Meeting | Rosen Plaza Hotel | Orlando, Florida
2021 Annual Meeting Logo


FEBRUARY 17-19, 2021


Plenary Address Video Presentations

Philip Dearborn | David Medders
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Pre-Convention Workshop Agendas


Thursday Morning Workshop

Derry, John – Risk Assessment And Crisis Management – A Clear & Compelling Danger

Fuller, Tim – The Vital Intersection Of Comprehensive Institutional Planning

Mock, Keith –  Session 1 Weaving Together An Effective Enrollment Strategy With Successful Execution

Session 2

Kroll-Ron & Wood, Shane – Creating An Exemplary Self Study Document – Essentials & Examples

Tomhave, Brian-Creating an Exemplary Self Study Document-Essentials & Examples

Starks,Sarah & Latsa, Kim -2021 SS Tips

Jackson, Michael – Facing The Challenge – Session 1 Balancing  Fidelity to Faith Traditions with Academic Freedom

Session 2- Keeping Your Faculty Culturally Relevant

Brandt, Eric – The Crafting & Delivery Of Exemplary Online Education

Caylor, Bart – The Art & Science Of Digital Marketing

Layland, Brad – The Art & Science Of Effective Fundraising

Phipps, Wintley – Racism & The Character Of Christ

Johnson, Fred – The Art & Science Of Institutional Financial Management

Session 1: The Essential Roles & Responsibilities of an Institutional CFO

Session 2: The Nuances of Distinguished & Enduring CFO Leadership


Workshop Session Handouts (Thursday Afternoon and Friday)

Beers-Josh – Gap Year Programs & Partnerships

Campbell-Darren – Re-Imaging A Collaborative World For Biblical Higher Education

Cawood-Scott – Discovering The Potential Of Self-Directed Middle Management Teams

Christensen-Rocky – Maximizing Student Aid To Enhance Enrollment & Retention

Church-David – Creating & Managing An Effective Online Ed Recruiting Strategy

Currie-Eric and Kevin Bish – Managing Admission KPI’s For Enrollment Growth

DeGroot-Derek & Jack Strong – Making Space To Form The Next Generation – Research Insights

Dunn-Jena – Effective Creation And Use Of Academic Dashboards & Metrics

Ehler- Alan -Empowering Meaningful Faculty-Student  Relations

Enlow-Ralph – Living As A Spiritual Movement-Stewards Of Our Heritage

Fischer-Joshua – Weaving Effective Assessment Into Real Quality Improvement

Fuller-Tim – Mining The Gold From ABHE, NACCAP & Institutional Admissions Data

Giblett-Jamie – Creating Campus Mobile Apps That Enhance Retention

Griffin-Mark – Basic Principles Of Conflict Resolution & HR Effectiveness

Gyertson-David – The President & Board – Enhancing The Partnership

Gyertson-David – The Reality & Risks Of Institutional Mission Drift – A Board’s High Calling

Hackett-William – Top 10 Lifetime Lessons From A CAO’s Journey

Haas-Jan – Essential Financial Policies For Your Policy Handbook

Hester-Kevin & Ron Kroll – Open Forum With Commission Chair & Director

Kroll-Ron and Shane Wood – What’s New In The World Of Accreditation Standards & Policies

Layland-Brad & Scott Rodin – Preparing For A Capital Campaign – Essential Steps

Lorimer-David & Kirk Bagby – How KMBC Brought Remote Students Into Classrooms Using 360 Degree Technology (Live Demo)

Lowe-Verna & Dale Hale – Understanding Learning Objectives & Curriculum Design For Online Education

McKinney-Larry – COVID-19: Its Impact On Biblical Higher Education

McLaughlin-Pat – Secrets Of Maximum Major Donor Engagement

McNaughton-Drumm – Strategic & Scenario Planning

Mitchell-Brandon & Erin Burkholder – Pathways To Persuasion: Boost Yield With A Sales Forward Approach

Moja-Dave – Preparing For And Responding To Government Notices

Munday-Terry – Tapping The Potential Of Planned Giving

O’Bold-Jim & Jeff Jenness & Ellen Daniels – Choosing A Preferred Future – Principles of Personal Financial Planning

Ostrander-Rick – Tapping The Potential Of An Online Course-Sharing Consortium

Peterson-Roy – Prudent Personnel Practices During Cultural Change

Rodin-Scott – The Calling Of A Steward Board

Rodin-Scott – The Fight Against Grace

Stanley-Gerald – Creating Wins With Big Data & Predictive Analytics

Swift-Rick – Leading Student Development Services Through Accreditation And Towards Excellence

Vandeventer-Clark – Tapping The Potential Of Moves Management For Growing Resources

Wood-Dan – Institutional Athletic Programs – Playing Safe In A Pandemic World